Winter camping - holiday when it is cold

Wintercamping, Tirol, Verschneiter Campingplatz vor Bergpanorama
Caravan Park Sexten, Südtirol

Camping holiday, is that also possible in winter? For sure - at least with the right equipment and the right preparation! Imagine: Wake up in the morning with a view of a snowed-in campsite, have a hot cup of coffee in the motorhome, go for personal records on the ski slope or start a snow hike through the mountains - winter camping can be so wonderful!

What about accessories and preparation for winter camping? Where are the best winter campsites and what is important when choosing a place? We have put together the best tips for you! Here you will find everything about camping in winter.

Winter camping - how, where, what? We answer your questions!

Which campsites are open in winter?
What do I have to consider when camping in winter?
Where are the best spots for winter camping?
What equipment is necessary for winter camping?
Camping Ötztal Langenfeld, Tirol
Camping Ötztal Langenfeld, Tirol

Before going winter camping

make sure you are prepared

You want to go for a winter camping trip? Did you put on winter tires? Did you organize some frost protection? Are all batteries fully charged? Do you have enough gas? Oh yeah, there are a few things to consider before you can go camping in the cold. Where you don't have to think about it in summer gets suddenly more than necessary when camping in winter. Are you tired of frozen pipes and a cold motor home? fair enough! Here you will find the most important tips for planning your next winter camping holiday.

How to prepare your winter camping trip
Caravan Park Sexten, South tirol
Caravan Park Sexten, South tirol

What to bring in winter?

The right equipment!

What to do against frost? What do you need to protect you caravan from cooling down and to make yourself comfortable after a nice and big hike in the snow? Which gas should you get - and how much do you actually take with you when camping in winter? What about the right isolation? We summed up all important points about accessories for winter camping.

Have fun reading and packing!

Top tips for winter camping equipment
Camping Resort Zugspitze, Bayern
Camping Resort Zugspitze, Bayern

Camping in the winter –

Keep your eyes open when choosing a campsite!

Looking for the right campsite in winter? Which campsite offers wellness, the possibility of winter sports or guided snow tours? The choice of a winter campsite should be carefully considered. We will show you what you should look out for when choosing a campsite. By the way - with the filter search "winter camping" you will find more than 3300 campsites on!

Find a winter camping site - How-To!
Snowy campsite
Sportcamp Wolfergut, Salzburg

At the campsite –

In the midst of winter camping

Preparation? Check! Equipment? Check! Winter campsite? Check! Once you've arrived at the campsite, things really start to "heat up", because there are a few things you need to keep in mind during the icy season. But don't worry, we've put together the most important tips for your time at the winter campsite!

Consider these things on site
Camping Holmernhof, Bad Füssing
Camping Holmernhof, Bad Füssing

After winter camping

is before winter camping

How do I make my caravan winter-proof at home? In our Beginners Guide you will find helpful tips for your caravan or mobile home to not risk any damage when it gets cold.

And if you don't want to read a lot - you can also watch this video! Check this out and find helpful tips for your caravan or camper during winter time.

Make your caravan winter-proof

Make your caravan winter-proof!

Do you like winter camping with wellness, sauna and skiing? Or in other words - you don't feel like staying in a hotel during your skiing holiday? No problem!

We recommend you the best camping sites in the ski regions - and the best: If ypur partner or your kids are tired of skiing some day and don't want to put on their ski boots, a cozy wellness day can be set on the program instead! If you don't have your own camper, you can also make yourself comfortable in one of the provided accommodations. Nice cabins, fully furnished holiday homes or comfortable bugalows on the camp site are waiting for you.

Sauna, winter sport and camping? Check out our top 5 camp sites!