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Flower Camping la Sténiole in Lorraine, Nature Camping in France
Flower Camping la Sténiole in Lorraine, France

Park your caravan or motorhome in green nature and enjoy the peace and quiet - not without good reason is nature camping particularly popular among campers.

We present the most beautiful nature campsites throughout Europe.

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Nature Camping in Germany

Nature Camping Top Place in Schleswig-Holstein, Nature Camping in Germany
Nature Camping Top Place in Schleswig-Holstein

Germany's four major landscapes offer the perfect basis for relaxing nature camping. Whether a campsite with a view of the sea or lakes in the green North German lowlands, camping surrounded by the peaks of the German low mountain range, a site in the midst of the fairytale hilly landscape of the Alpine foothills, or camping with breathtaking views of crystal clear mountain lakes and icy glaciers in the Alps - nature camping in Germany is diverse!

If you like to combine nature camping with adventure and action, you will find it just as quickly in Germany. Depending on which region you choose, you can do many things directly from the campsite. From fishing at Lake Constance to ziplining in the Harz Mountains - nature camping in Germany is the perfect mix of relaxation, nature and unforgettable experiences.

Many campsites in Germany offer idyllic tranquility, free choice of site, unparceled green spaces, a manageable size and pure nature. We have put together a selection of popular nature campsites in Germany.

Great Nature Campsites in Germany

Nature Camping in Austria

Ötztaler Naturcamping in Tyrol in Austria, Nature Camping in Europe
Ötztaler Naturcamping in Tyrol in Austria

Despite its manageable size, Austria boasts an impressive landscape diversity: From high alpine areas to expansive lake plains and idyllic wine regions to fairytale forest and hilly landscapes, Austria is ideal for camping in nature. After all, who wouldn't want to enjoy breathtaking views of alpine lakes and unspoiled landscapes from their campsite? That's exactly what you can do at many unparceled, Austrian campsites, which convince with their quiet location and partly also a high environmental awareness.

Austria's rich nature especially attracts adventurous campers, as it offers a wide range of activities. Camping near the Alps makes the hearts of hiking and mountain biking lovers beat faster, especially in summer. The region's campsites are great starting points for hiking and mountain biking tours and often offer you a direct connection to Austria's trail network, which stretches for thousands of kilometers. A hike along the famous Großglockner High Alpine Road with panoramic views of the Großglockner, the highest mountain in the country, followed by cooling off in the lake? No problem! Campsites for camping by the lake are plentiful in Austria.

But vacations during nature camping in Austria can also be slower paced! The eastern part of the country is characterized by large wine-growing regions that attract wine- and food-loving campers. If you picture yourself sitting in your hammock at the campground with a glass of regional wine in one hand and a book in the other when you think of your perfect camping vacation, then you should look for a campground in Burgenland, in Lower Austria or east of Carinthia in Styria. Camping in the east of Austria - that is enjoyment, nature and pure vacation!

Great Nature Campsites in Austria

Nature Camping in France

Flower Camping la Sténiole in Lorraine, nature camping in France
Flower Camping la Sténiole in Lorraine, France

France does not only offer a wide range of natural campsites for visitors, but also a very varied landscape. Particularly popular with nature campers are the steep coast in Brittany and Normandy as well as the inviting Mediterranean coast with the Côte d'Azur around Marseille and Montpellier in the southeast of the country. You will also find idyllic, nature-oriented campsites in France along the beautiful Alpine mountain ranges with Mont Blanc as the highest mountain of the Alps in the region Rhône-Alpes.

On the Atlantic coast in the west of the country, nature lovers enjoy the steep rocky coasts and the indescribable views of the vast ocean. Also well-known among nature campers is the Côte d'Azur on the warm Mediterranean coast in the south of France. Along the entire coast, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find many dreamlike hiking trails, quiet sandy beaches and campsites with stands under inviting pine and olive trees.

For active vacationers a camping trip to the Alps is worthwhile. Where once Balmat and Paccard were the first people to climb Mont Blanc, you can discover the wonderful nature on many hiking routes along the mountain colossus today.

Great Nature Campsites in France

Nature Camping in Italy

PuntAla Camp & Resort in Tuscany, Italy, nature camping in Italy
PuntAla Camp & Resort in Tuscany, Italy

Switching off and enjoying to the fullest - this is exceptionally possible at the natural campsites in Italy. Whether at Lake Garda, at Lake Maggiore, in Veneto or in Tuscany: In addition to a year-round pleasant, mild climate with lots of sunshine, actual dream beaches, great mountain panoramas and picturesque landscapes await nature campers in Italy.

Just as diverse as the surroundings, so are the campsites. Despite a wide range of larger campsites with a certain amount of "fun, games and hustle and bustle", you will also find green, quieter and smaller nature campsites in Italy. The natural sites with idyllic pitches under tall pine or pine forests are perfect to take out some speed and recharge your batteries on vacation.

Great Nature Campsites in Italy

Nature Camping in the Netherlands

Naturecamping De Lemeler Esch, Overijssel, Netherlands, Naturcamping
Naturecamping De Lemeler Esch, Overijssel, Netherlands

Waking up very close to the shallow dunes with wave noise, enjoying long walks on the beach and discovering the wonderful green surroundings by "fietsen" (Dutch for bicycle) - welcome to Nature Camping in Holland. The wide sandy beaches of the North Sea, the green hilly landscape and all the wonderful sunflower fields are just a few reasons why nature lovers are always drawn to camping vacations in the Netherlands.

Within the 12 Dutch provinces, the regions of Zeeland, Limburg and North Holland are among the most popular destinations for nature lovers. While recreation-seeking campers in sunny Zeeland in the southwest relax by the seashore on one of the many islands, active campers explore the picturesque inland by bike. In North Holland, the rough and dune-rich and coastal sections on the North Sea will particularly inspire you. In the south of Limburg you will experience "somewhat different Netherlands" - with its many rivers and dense forests, the region is exceptionally hilly and perfect for outdoor activities.

Great Nature Campsites in the Netherlands

Nature Camping Throughout Europe

Green campsites in a great idyll can be found all over Europe. For example, if you enter the keyword "nature camping" in our campsite search, you will automatically be shown a whole range of particularly natural campsites .

Tip: In addition, you can, for example, filter in the category "location" by the distance to the lake or the sea to find a nature campsite in a perfect environment for you.

Camping Au an der Donau, Austria, Sustainable Camping
Camping Au an der Donau, Austria

Environmentally Conscious Camping

in Austria

Avoid plastic and produce electricity from the sun in the sky? Yes, Servus! Awarded with the "Austrian Ecolabel" you will find eight Austrian campsites with a particularly high environmental awareness in the article.

The listed facilities in Austria place great emphasis on ecological and energy-efficient management - take a look and see for yourself.

8 sustainable Campsites in Austria
Tiliguerta Glamping&Camping Village in Sardinia, Sustainable Camping, Nature Camping
Tiliguerta Glamping&Camping Village in Sardinia, Sustainable Camping


"Green Camping"

Energy from solar, biodegradable products, recycling, local food, an own vegetable garden, and electric vehicles are just a few examples that topics such as sustainability and environmental protection also play a central role at many campsites.

In this article we present 11 campsites in Europe where you can camp especially "green".

Green Camping in Europe

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