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The Baltic Sea is considered Germany's most popular vacation destination for good reasons: Endless beaches and dune landscapes, idyllic Hanseatic cities and seaside resorts are waiting for you. Numerous campsites line the Baltic Sea Coast and offer an almost endless range of activities.

Many water sports opportunities, holiday parks and museums attract active and interested campers. Whether you are a family with kids, a newly in love couple, or an adventureous solo camper - on the campsites by the Baltic Sea everyone finds what the heart desires.

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Campsite Kagelbusch, Germany, Baltic Sea, camping by the sea, sea, camping
Campsite Kagelbusch at Bliesdorf beach

5 Facts about theBaltic Sea

Did you know that? Test your knowledge about the Baltic Sea before finding the perfect campsite for you.

  1. The Baltic Sea is considered an inland sea, only a narrow connection to the North Sea allows water exchange with the salty oceans of the world
  2. Formed only 12,000 years ago with the end of the last Ice Age, the Baltic Sea is quite young in terms of geological history.
  3. With just 415,000 square kilometers the Baltic Sea is quite small compared to other seas.
  4. Archaeological findings show that the first settlers already lived on the coast about 6000 years ago, while Vikings shaped the Baltic Sea area around 5000 years later.
  5. How deep is the Baltic Sea? The Baltic Sea is very shallow compared to other seas. It has an average depth of 52 meters and reaches a maximum depth of 459 meters at the Landsort Deep - a trench in the Western Gotland Basin.

If you want to learn more about the relics of former times, it is worth visiting one of the archaeological museums, for example in Schwerin.

Popular activities by the Baltic Sea

Fehmarn, island camping, camping, Baltic Sea, sea, camping at the sea
Island Camp Fehmarn near Meeschendorf

Active Vacation at the Baltic Sea: Adventure and Fun by the Coast

While the Baltic sea is truly a dream for sports enthusiasts, even couch potatoes will start moving while having fun with the huge range of activities that are available. From sailing, waterskiing, kite- and windsurfing for the active ones to stand up paddling and canoeing for those who like it a bit more quiet, everything is an option. Often the Baltic Sea campsites directly offer a way to take courses, so beginners can get to know exciting sports. Even fishing licenses can often be acquired directly at the campsite. In addition, it pays off to go swimming in the Baltic Sea or to play volleyball on the beach.

Baltic Sea, Camping at the sea, Denmark, Kollund, Camping
DCU Camping Kollund in Krusau

Museums and Castles:

Discover something new

Do you want to use your vacation to learn something new? Many museums like the Ozeaneum Stralsund or the Historic Technical Museum Peenemünde are waiting for you with exciting exhibitions. Along the Baltic Sea Coast there are also castles and palaces. Schwerin Palace and Stargard Castle offer interesting guided tours.

Often the various destinations have put together a cultural program and invite you to lectures, exhibitions and concerts.

For nature lovers: The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

The lagoon area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a true paradise for campers. The National Park provides untouched nature. Especially for bird lovers, because with a bit of luck you can catch a glimpse of a white-tailed eagle, which has its home in this area. You can go on wonderful hikes through the National Park and discover the flora and fauna. But not only the nature enthusiasts but also the water sports athletes and anglers get their money's worth in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area.

Thanks to the many campsites surrounding the area, the National Park is made for camping holidays. You can take in the charm of numerous historic cities and seaside resorts or simply enjoy the nature and calm in the National Park to the fullest.

Baltic Sea, Camping, Camping at the Baltic Sea, nature camping
Naturpark-Camping Prinzenholz in Eutin

Cities by the Baltic Sea:

Experience Culture and History

City tours are an option for campers interested in culture. The Hanseatic City Stralsund is one of the most famous cities by the Baltic Sea. Here you can explore the medieval old town and visit the many attractions, like the Ozeaneum or St. Nicholas' Church.

The Hanseatic City Rostock is worth a trip as well. Here you can wander through the picturesque old town and marvel at the historic buildings.

Family Camping at the Baltic Sea: The best Leisure Tips

The calm waters of the Baltic Sea and its shallow sand beaches make it the perfect vacation spot for families. While the kids splash around in the sea or build sand castles, the adults can relax on the beach while reading a book or simply enjoying the sun. For a day trip the Hansa Park Siercksdorf and Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf in Rövershagen await with fun for young and old. Many campsites additionally offer events for children of different age groups and are thus specialized in camping for the whole family.

The most beautiful Vacation and Sightseeing destinations by the Baltic Sea

Camping, Camping by the sea, sea, Baltic Sea, Sütel, beach
Campsite Sütel in Neukirchen

The Seaside Resort Kühlungsborn: Relaxation by the Baltic Sea

Directly on the Mecklenburg Bay lies the Seaside Resort Kühlungsborn with its classical architecture. Romantic mansions with small towers and balconies line the streets. While exploring the town, you can also stroll along the 240-meter-long pier. Numerous restaurants at the charming harbor, cozy Cafes and Bars spoil you with culinary diversity in Kühlungsborn. From regional specialties, such as freshly caught fish, to international cuisine, there is something for every taste. You can find the most beautiful campsites in Kühlungsborn here on

Camping by the Sea, Baltic Sea, Camping, sea, Waabs
Campsite Hökholz in Waabs

The Chalk Cliffs on Rügen: Active Camping at the Chalk Coast

The impressive chalk cliffs on Rügen have long been the island's landmark. White rocks, green forests, and turquoise water create an unforgettable sight. Many viewpoints allow you to look from the chalk coast to the wide sea.

There is a large number of hiking trails for active vacationers, some of which lead up to the Königsstuhl. Numerous campsites are located directly on Rügen and near the chalk cliffs. You can find the most beautiful campsites on Rügen here on

The most popular Islands in the Baltic Sea: Hiddensee, Usedom, Rügen

Authenticity and pure natural beauty - that is the island Hiddensee. With an area of only 19 square kilometers, it is often called Rügen's little sister. The car-free island is known for its idyllic villages. The island is ideal to explore by bike, rental stations are on site. You can reach Hiddensee by ferry across the Baltic Sea from Stralsund and Rügen.

The island Usedom is also a popular destination. Particularly charming in Usedom are the three imperial resorts Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Because of their mansions and coffeehouses constructed in the style of Resort architecture, you feel transported back to a time long gone.

The island Rügen is known for its picturesque and colourful landscape. Rügen's landscape is not only characterized by long beaches, but also white cliffs, large dark forests and red poppy fields. However, the island has its very own charm from the window of a wagon on the Rasender Roland. A trip with the historic narrow-gauge railway is an experience for young and old.

Baltic Sea, Wulfener Hals, Camping by the sea, Camping
Camping and Holiday park Wulfener Hals on Fehmarn

Camping on the Sunny Island Fehmarn: Diverse Campsites

The popular island Fehmarn attracts campers not only with long sand beaches, green meadows and great water sports activities, but also with particularly diverse campsites.

From the 5-star-campsite for the whole family to the cozy nature campsite: On the sunny island Fehmarn everyone will find the perfect place by the water.

Island Vacation on Fehmarn

Campsites by the Baltic Sea: Find and book online

Diverse campsites welcome their guests at the Baltic Sea. Whether families or couples in love, adults or children, culture enthusiasts or water lovers, everyone will be happy during a Baltic Sea vacation in a tent or camper. Many campsites are not far from the beach, thus being in the perfect location for a morning walk on the beach. Some have a spa area with sauna, while others are more rustic for nature-based camping.

Usually you can also bring your four-legged friend with you to the well-equipped family-friendly campsites. On you can use the filter function to search and find the ideal campsite at the Baltic Sea Coast that suits your preferences. Discover available campsites by the Baltic Sea now.

Waabs, Camping, Camping at the sea, Baltic Sea, beach, Eckernförde,
Ostseecamping Familie Heide in Waabs

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