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“Grüezi mitenand”, “Salut” und “Benvenuto” — Hello and welcome to Switzerland, whose diversity spans from its landscapes to its different official languages and range of campsites.

Bordered by Germany in the North, Austria in the East, Italy in the South and France in the West, the country is characterised by different geographical and cultural influences. German, Italian, French and Rhaeto-Romanic are considered official languages. If you decide on a camping holiday in Switzerland, the precise planning is still open. Whether Alps and even glaciers, agriculturally influenced hily country or almost Mediterranean regions in the South - Switzerland offers everything your heart can desire. Families as well as couples or students - in Switzerland every camper finds their ideal campsite. We present you with the most beautiful destinations.

The Most Beautiful Destinations for Campers in Switzerland

Camping near Zurich

For city lovers a camping holiday near the Swiss metropolis Zurich is the perfect opportunity to combine the proximity to both nature and the city. On a sightseeing trip the old town fascinates with its charming streets and the old city hall. Also a magnet for art lovers - the city is known for its numerous museums and galleries of contemporary art. In the evenings a vibrant nightlife awaits you. Over 500 bars and nightclubs open their doors for night owls. Most of the campsites are located near nature and offer a place to recover from the exciting city life. Here on the website you'll find the best campsites near Zurich.

Camping in St. Gallen

The Canton of St. Gallen welcomes campers in Switzerland with numerous opportunities for an active holiday. On hikes through the expansive mountains there are the Ringelspitz and the Säntis to climb. The well-developed cycling paths invite you on long bike tours through the green natural landscape. The region in Switzerland borders Lake Constance in the North, so it is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Camping in Espace Mittelland

In the centre of Switzerland lies the wider region of Espace Mittelland. It consists of five cantons and offers a variety of destinations and activities. If you go camping here, you'll be rewarded with a wonderful location near the Alps. Many campsites are directly by one of the clear lakes and are ideal for swimming. Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is also in this region and invites you on a city trip. Here you'll find many well-rated campsites in Espace Mittelland.

Camping in Ticino

Both during summer and winter a camping holiday in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland is worth it. The most beautiful ski areas attract many active vacationers in winter, while in the summer you can use the many hiking trails of the region. When you go camping in Switzerland the most beautiful bodies of water, like the Lago Maggiore, are waiting for you. Many campsites have good ratings, are well-equipped and suitable for the whole family, even with a dog. You'll find a list of campsites in Ticino here on the website.

Camping in Grisons

Grisons is waiting for you with its diverse flora and fauna. Ibexes, deer and marmots populate this region in Switzerland. The marmot trail in Avers-Bergalga explains interesting facts about the life of these cute animals to young and old. Situated directly in the region of the Swiss Alps, the canton is home to many campsites with a view of the amazing mountain panorama. The campsites are well-equipped and warmly welcome all campers. The most beautiful campsites in Grisons are listed here.

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