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Camping Olachgut in Styria, Ride out, Camping for riders, Austria, Camping holiday
Camping Olachgut in Styria

"The greatest happiness on earth is on the back of a horse." - This popular saying also proves itself in camping vacations. Whether you're traveling in a camper van, tent or caravan, there are plenty of campsites where you can combine your love of riding with your passion for camping. We show you the best campsites for riders throughout Europe.

  1. Popular Regions and Places offering Horseback Riding
  2. Top Tips for Camping for Riders

Popular regions and places

Whether in the coastal regions of Germany, at the dreamlike mountain lakes of Austria, on the white sandy beach in Denmark, or at especially horse-friendly campsites with ponies and riding facilities in beautiful France and sunny Italy: You can now find great campsites with a wide range of riding facilities all over Europe.

Camping for Riders in Germany

Beach camping Wallnau, Fehmarn, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, camping for riders, horseback riding on the beach
Beach Camping Wallnau at Fehmarn

In Germany, the Nordic coastal regions are considered the most popular destinations for camping vacations for riders. They range from pony rides for the kids at the campsite to long guided rides along the beautiful coastline. In the firm saddle of your horse, you can enjoy the sound of the waves of the North Sea while riding or turn your camping vacation into a very special adventure while galloping along the more than 2,000 kilometers of Baltic Sea coast. Far away from the far north, wide fields, countless stretches of land and idyllic river landscapes also await you in the green hinterlands of Germany, which you can discover wonderfully on horseback.

Especially popular for camping for riders is the campsite Strandcamping Wallnau on the sunny island Fehmarn. Directly opposite of the campsite you will find a versatile riding facility with a large hall, paddocks and a sand and grass arena. Whether small or large, beginner or professional - on the well-balanced Fjord horses, trusting ponies and beautiful Haflingers you will experience the perfect camping vacation as a horse lover.

Campers on rave about the popular facility on Fehmarn in many respects: "The Wallnau campsite has become a 2nd home for me over the years. It is pleasant that you can do sports directly on site, be it horseback riding, playing volleyball or similar. The beach, which belongs to this campsite, offers something for everyone, both naturists, families with children and dog owners can enjoy the sun and the sea at the designated sections."

Top Campsites for Riders in Germany

Camping for Riders in Austria

Camping Olachgut in Styria, horseback riding, camping for riders, Austria, horseback riding
Camping Olachgut in Styria

Whether with family, partner or with your dog: In the Land of Mountains you will discover pure nature with all its beautiful lakes, idyllic forests and picturesque alpine panorama while riding in a very special way. From Styria over Salzburg to the Tyrolean Alps: The Austrian mountain landscapes are not only perfect for hiking or for a sporty bike tour, but also ideal for camping with horse.

As a campsite tip for camping for riders in Austria we recommend the Campsite Olachgut. In the recognized riding school you can improve your skills on the horse under professional guidance both as a beginner and advanced rider. With its own indoor riding arena, a dressage and jumping arena and the neighboring farm with ponies, Campsite Olachgut in Styria it is a true paradise for camping and horse lovers.

Campers on rave about the popular campsite near Murau not only from the offer for horseback riding: "Familiar, spacious pitches, clean, very nice owners. The Olachgut is ideal for those looking for peace and quiet, hiking or cycling. The location is wonderful in the valley with a view of the pastures and the associated equestrian farm. The operators are very friendly."

Top Campsites for Riders in Austria

Camping for Riders in Denmark

Hvidbjerg beach vacation park in Denmark, camping for riders, horse riding on the beach
Hvidbjerg Beach Vacation Park in Denmark

Not only for camping enthusiasts, but also for riders: Denmark is a true paradise. Campsites for riders with special horse farms for young and old can be found in almost every region. The island of Rømø offers particularly popular bridle paths, where you can explore the island landscape on a horseback ride across green meadows and white beaches. Far from the island coasts, great trails and paths for an adventurous excursion at a gallop also await you in the kingdom's inland.

The Hvidbjerg Beach campground in the Danish North Sea resort of Blåvand offers campers a particularly extensive riding program. Whether professional or beginner - the facility for riders convinces vacationers with unforgettable rides in particularly varied nature. The possibilities for riding in the camping vacation range from a relaxed walk with ponies to galloping over the green heath landscape in beautiful Denmark.

That a vacation at the family-friendly Camping Hvidbjerg is worth a trip is also revealed by the numerous Camper reviews on "The campsite offers simply everything for everyone. The proximity to the car-free beach is super. Our long walks and also our bicycle tours contributed very much to the relaxation. Despite the size of the campsite there were no waiting times for showers. Anyway, the sanitary facilities were very clean. Also the visit to the wellness facility was a must."

Top Campsites for Riders in Denmark

Camping for Riders in France

Yelloh! Village La Petite Camargue in France, horseback riding, camping for riders
Yelloh! Village La Petite Camargue in France

From beautiful horseback riding along the azure Mediterranean Sea to the wild Atlantic coast and the picturesque Pyrenees: On the saddle of small ponies or large majestic horses, you can discover all the charm and pure nature of France. Many campsites also offer a special offer for children with a preference for horseback riding: The little guests experience the best vacation memories in the saddle of the horses during safe and guided tours or while walking next to the four-legged friends.

If you want to combine your camping vacation in France with horse riding, the campsite Camp Au Clair Ruisseau in Gerstheim belongs on the shortlist. Near Strasbourg and thus not far from the German-French border, the idyllic campsite will not only inspire you with large pitches under tall trees, but also with a special offer for horseback riding. With a horse suitable for you from the camping ranch you can discover the French fen at a walk, trot or gallop while riding. Besides adventurous excursions on a western horse, an adventurous covered wagon ride is also an exciting alternative to explore the wonderful landscape in the Alsatian idyll. The place also pays special attention to the keeping of the horses. With about 6 hectares of pasture for sufficient exercise opportunities, as well as special care and attention on the part of the staff, the horses at the ranch from the campsite are in very good hands.

Campers on are convinced of the campsite in the region Alsace: "Very nice, quiet, nature-loving CP. The operator and the entire staff are very friendly and helpful. Huge playground with super well-kept lawn. The lake is natural, with many species of animals to admire. All in all, we felt very comfortable and relaxed. The kids (8 + 10) enjoyed it."

Top Campsites for Riders in France

Camping for Riders in Italy

Camping Villaggio Barricata in Italy, Veneto, beach horseback riding, horseback riding on the beach, camping for horseback rider
Camping Villaggio Barricata in Italy

Those who not only attach great importance to top-equipped and especially family-friendly pitches, but are also true horse lovers, will spend the perfect camping vacation in Italy. With picturesque landscapes, high waves, wonderful beaches, good and healthy cuisine, excellent wines and beautiful horses, many regions in Italy are considered popular destinations for camping vacations for riders.

Whether a trip on the saddle over the island Sardinia, long rides along the azure Lake Garda or an adventurous tour on horseback through the beautiful Tuscany - the scenic diversity in Italy will inspire you on your camping vacation. Last but not least, South Tyrol with its imposing mountain idyll is a popular destination among campers to combine fabulous alpine panorama and passion for riding.

A particularly family-friendly campsite with extensive leisure activities, cozy pitches, large pool and many activities for horse lovers is the Camping Villaggio Barricata in Veneto. The so-called "Ranch del Mare", the equestrian center with several, professional riding instructors, is located just a few steps from the sea and allows you to enjoy fantastic rides along the blue Mediterranean Sea. The operators of the campsite are also particularly focused on the welfare of the horses.

Guests on confirm the wide and attractive offer for horseback riding at the Camping Villaggio Barricata with the words: "Directly on the campsite there is also a riding stable. There, children from 6 years and adults can take riding lessons, book a beach ride or a carriage ride. The horses are kept there in a very neat open stable and look well cared for".

Top Campsites for Riders in Italy

Europe-wide Camping and Riding

If you are looking for campsites with horseback riding in other popular countries, such as Holland, Sweden or Croatia, you can set the filter "Horseback riding" in our search under "Activities" in the menu and find the best campsite for camping with horseback riding for you. On the detail page of the campsite, you can also see how many campers recommend the activity of Horse riding on the campsite.

**Whether you want to gallop across the sandy beach or take a leisurely ride through the meadows, with your own or rented horse - discover the best destination and the right campsite for horseback riding for you in all of Europe. **

Tips for the Camping Riding Vacation

Hanstholm Camping - Thy Vacation Parkark in Denmark, horse riding on the beach, camping vacations, camping for riders
Hanstholm Camping - Thy Vacation Parkark in Denmark

The Right Clothes when Camping for Riders

For riding while camping, you should pack comfortable and close-fitting clothing above all, in which you can move well on the horse's back. In order not to have to cancel the planned beach trip in case of a rain shower, it is advisable to take a wind and waterproof jacket. A pant without inseam gives no chance to unpleasant abrasions while riding.

In general, you should not take "the best of the best" when choosing clothing - jacket, trousers and shoes should also be allowed to get a little dirt and horse hair. Don't forget sturdy shoes if the riding facility at the campsite doesn't provide riding boots or similar. A safety helmet is offered on almost all campgrounds for riding, here you should inform in detail however before with the campground.

Entry Requirements and Equine Passport

You have your own horse and would like to take your faithful companion with you on your camping vacation? When planning your next camping trip with horse, you should inform yourself well in advance about the exact border regulations for entry and exit. A valid Equine Passport, also known as horse passport, is obligatory for every vacation with horse - also within Germany.

A basic requirement for traveling with a horse within the EU is, in addition to certain vaccinations, is the possession of a current health certificate issued by a veterinarian. If you don't want to bother with the "bureaucracy" before you start your trip, you can rent a horse (for several days) for riding either at the campsite itself or in the surrounding area.

Child-friendly Offers

Numerous campsites throughout Europe also offer child-friendly options for little horse lovers with horse walks, shared feedings or pony rides. With a professional riding lesson at the campsite, the vacation becomes a very special experience for children. The camper reviews on can help you to get an overview of the child-friendliness of the horse riding facilities at the campsite.

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