Glamping - camping with a touch of luxury

Camping Resort Allweglehen, Germany
Camping Resort Allweglehen, Germany

Glamping, luxury and comfort camping? For sure! Wake up in a safari tree tent with a view of the sea, enjoy the day at the huge pool area with big water slides, join the sports program, relax in the sauna and fall asleep in a comfortable holiday home or bungalow. It's possible - not only in a hotel - no - this dream comes true directly on the campsite!

Are you looking for more information or the perfect campsite with the ideal glamping accommodation? Here you find eveything about glamping and its beautiful accommodations!

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Best glamping campsites

Südsee Camp, Lower Saxony
Südsee Camp, Lower Saxony

The trend from the USA –

Hello Glamping

What do you mean, glamping? How does the "G" get in front of camping? What the Americans have started is increasingly gaining a foothold in Europe. Glamorous camping aka glamping is no longer a rarity among campers - on the contrary! The trend of glamping is becoming more and more popular. Why, why, why - and where is the difference to classic camping?

We will explain!

Glamping from A-Z
Caravan Park Sexten, Tirol
Caravan Park Sexten, Tirol

From tree house to tipi

Glamping overnight

A house on stilts, a tent in a tree, a yurt, a compact sleeping barrel or a classic apartment on the campsite? And how do you actually sleep in an igloo - without ice and snow? With the various accommodations included glamping your camping vacation will be something very special.

We show you what can be possible on your next camping vacation, far away from sleeping in your own camper.

Glamping accommodations
Camping Resort Allweglehen, Bavaria
Camping Resort Allweglehen, Bavaria

Yes - no - maybe -

Why glamping?

Glamping – ever tried it? Less luggage, no assembly and disassembly, sleeping in a "real" bed - glamping speaks for itself, especially with the variety of accommodations and in terms of comfort. High-quality accommodations often makes glamping suitable for the whole family. Grandma sleeps into the mobile home, the kids into the tent - why not?

Glamping makes joint camping possible for all generations and different preferences. And there is so much more which makes glamping the perfect vacation style.

8 good reasons to go glamping
Maximum comfort in your own Morelo
Maximum comfort in your own Morelo

Glamping in the motorhome?

Luxury on 4 wheels

Glamping without a bungalow, apartment and safari tent? You like camping the luxurious way, but still want to stay in your own motohome? We can understand that!

From inverters to awning lighting to integrated ovens – In this article we will show you how much luxury is possible today while camping or glamping in your own motorhome.

Luxury in the motorhome

Are you still camping or already glamping? An overview

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