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All About Camping in Germany

"Why go far when the good stuff is so close?" Germany also has a lot to offer campers from north to south. In addition, the distances within Germany are short, the standard is usually high and the many small sites ensure a unique camping experience instead of tourist mass processing.

No wonder that many Germans decide to go on holiday within their own country. We show you the most popular activities and the most beautiful destinations for campers in Germany.

  1. The Most Popular Activities in Germany
  2. The Most Beautiful Destinations in Germany
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The Most Popular Activities in Germany

Camping Klausdorfer Strand on Fehmarn, Germany
Camping Klausdorfer Strand on Fehmarn, Germany

Attention Nature Lovers: Hiking Routes

Hiking and camping in Germany - those two things just belong together like cheese and wine. You want to explore beautiful landscapes? Then off you go to the Black Forest with its deep forests and clear lakes. You yearn for spectacular views? No problem, Saxon Switzerland is waiting for you with its sandstone rocks. And if you're drawn to the far North, the Wadden-Sea-Trail on the North Sea provides an extra-special, salty breeze of adventure. Here in Germany everyone can find their personal dream route. No matter whether you are a beginner and prefer comfortable tours or an experienced hiker looking for a challenge.

On Two Wheels: Bicycle Tours

Get out of the camper and onto your bike! Our country is not only a highlight for campers, but also for all those who like to pedal. Whether you're cycling through the Elbtal and admiring the passing vineyards, or taking to the trails along Lake Constance while the Alpine peaks greet you in the distance - cycling when Camping in Germany really has something special!

Or maybe you're drawn to the Ruhr Area? There you can experience not only nature but also exciting industrial history along the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route. Or how about a tour through Bavaria? In addition to idyllic landscapes, there are also one or two beer gardens to celebrate a well-deserved rest.

Camping Klausdorfer Strand on Fehmarn, Germany
Camping Klausdorfer Strand on Fehmarn, Germany

New Perspectives:

Canoe Trips

Canoeing when camping in Germany is an experience you shouldn't miss out on - especially if you're a camper.

There's the Spree Forest for example. With its labyrinth of waterways it's a real dream for every canoe enthusiast. You are gliding through calm canals, past pastures and rustic farms and with a bit of luck you'll even catch sight of one or the other turtle - your kids will be in awe!

Or take the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau. You're paddling on crystal-clear lakes, surrounded by thick forests, while the call of the sea eagle echoes in the distance.

In the South the river Altmühl is waiting for you in Bavaria. It can happen that you paddle around the next bend and suddenly find yourself in front of an age-old castle.

Up High: Climbing Routes

The Frankenjura region in Germany is a highlight for all climbing enthusiasts. Here you can try out thousands of routes for yourself.

And then there's Saxon Switzerland. Climbing is a tradition here and the routes are not only challenging, but also provide views that will take your breath away.

But Germany has even more to offer: For example the Palatinate Forest, where you can weave your way between the rocks as if you were in another world. Or in the highland region Harz, where old granite quarries invite you to thrilling climbing tours.

The Most Beautiful Destinations in Germany

Campingpark Buntspecht, Germany
Campingpark Buntspecht, Germany

Coastal Charm: Between North Sea and Baltic Sea

When you open the door of your camper van in the morning and hear the rushing of the waves, you know you've arrived: Camping by the sea. Germany's coasts on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are beautiful holiday destinations.

Take the Baltic Sea with its fine sandy beaches. Jumping in the cool water near Warnemünde, a stroll along the impressive limestone rocks on Rügen or an evening in the cozy port city Kiel. Here you can forget the worries of everyday life and let yourself be enchanted by the salty breeze and the wide horizon.

But the North Sea also has its own unique charm. The rough climate in Sankt Peter-Ording, the unique scenery of the Wadden Sea or the charm of small fisher villages like Neuharlingersiel - those are moments, which you won't forget soon. Here nature is still wild and untamed - and as a camper you're in the middle of it. What both coasts have in common is their directness. You can park your motorhome directly on the beach, enjoy the fresh sea air in the morning and sit at the campfire in the evening, while the sun slowly disappears into the water.

Off to the Mountains: The Bavarian Alps

Let's go to Bavaria to the Bavarian Alps! Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, is just the tip of the iceberg. After a hike or a few runs down the slope while winter camping you can enjoy the end of your day in one of the rustic beer gardens here.

Or what about a detour to the Königssee? With its emerald green water and the steeply towering rocks it's a real eyecatcher and a must for every camper. But also places like Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region or Berchtesgaden offer campers not only great views, but also a lot of activities. Whether hiking, mountain biking or just letting your mind wander - here everyone can find their own ideal holiday.

Campingpark Buntspecht, Germany
Campingpark Buntspecht, Germany

Wine, Half-Timbering and River Romanticism:

The Moselle

The Moselle: Between its flowing river curves and steep vineyards it hides many a highlight that will make campers' hearts beat faster.

Cochem is just one highlight of man. With its fairytale-like Reichsburg and the small alleyways it not only invites you to discover, but also to dream. A cold Riesling in hand, looking over the river - that's the life.

City Camping: Germany's Most Popular Cities

It is a common misconception that camping only takes place in the midst of nature. Germany's vibrant hearts - its cities - also offer surprisingly charming corners for camping in Germany.

Berlin, the uncontested queen of German cities, captivates with its history and culture. With the camper, you get up in the morning in Kreuzberg and stroll through the Brandenburg Gate or along the Spree during the day. And the best part? In this metropolis you will find numerous pitches for city camping that are right in the middle of the action.

Munich shows you that tradition and modernity can go hand in hand. Here you can enjoy a wheat beer at Englischer Garten and then go shopping at Marienplatz. For campers there are perfect campsites around the city, where you can experience Bavarian hospitality up close.

In Hamburg, the port city of Germany, you can catch a whiff of maritime flair. From the fish market to the Speicherstadt - the Nordic heart beats here. And as a camper? You can park directly next to the river at the Elbe and watch the ships go by.

Not to forget Cologne with its impressive cathedral and the bank of the Rhine, which invites you to linger. A cool Kölsch in your hand and the world immediately seems a little more colourful.

Find Campsites in Germany and Book Online

Camping gives you the freedom to experience Germany in all its authenticity. The great thing is, that the next adventure is just a click away. Whether you're looking for a campsite for city camping, prefer nature camping or want to go camping by the sea in a mobile home - online on camping.info you'll find a huge selection of campsites all over Germany. You can also visit our magazine to find interesting articles and tips about camping.

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