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When you go camping in Sweden, you'll experience pristine nature, Nordic calmness and won't have to fear drowning in mass tourism. The country is very expansive and provides different natural sceneries. In Gothenland - especially in the province Scania - you'll camp in your private Bullerby: Red timber houses, deep forests and a pleasant climate characterise this region.

Crystal clear lakes and small islands off the coast of the Swedish capital Stockholm make campers' hearts beat faster in Swealand. Jump in the cool water and discover the region from your canoe.

The trip to Northland takes a bit longer, but you'll be rewarded with the midnight sun or the polar light. No matter which region you choose: Sweden will certainly fulfill your personal holiday dream. We introduce you to the most beautiful holiday regions for camping in Sweden!

Popular Holiday Regions for Camping in Sweden

Camping near the Tiveden National Park in Sweden

Your heart soars when you are surrounded by high green trees? In one of the most beautiful forest regions in Sweden, the Tiveden National Park, you are at the right address. Small hills and deep canyons make the region a mystical place. On the well marked hiking trails the Swedish national park can be explored excellently on foot. You can rest at one of the many beautiful lakes and refresh yourself in the cool water. You can also find some campsites near the national park.

Camping at Lake Vänern in Sweden

Camping at the largest lake in Sweden is particularly beautiful. Its diverse nature reserves, like the Djüro National Park or the Natural Reserve Surö, make the lake especially popular with nature-loving campers. If you like an active holiday you certainly won't miss out here either. Water sports such as boating, stand-up paddling or swimming give you the chance to really let off some steam.

Camping on Sweden's Baltic Sea Coast

You simply want to relax and unwind? Let's go to the Baltic Sea Coast in Gothenland! The long stretched out beaches delight families with kids with beautiful swimming opportunities, while couples can take endless romantic walks. Whether on one of the beautiful campsites or directly under the stars when wild camping - from Malmö to Stockholm all campers in Sweden will be happy.

Winter Camping in Jämtland in Sweden

Mild summers are always nice, no doubts. But in Sweden things can also be different. In Swealand there are many possibilities for winter camping. Skiing and camping in Sweden, what more could you want? You can find interesting and helpful articles in our magazine in case you need more tips for camping during the winter.

City Feeling while Camping in Sweden

Do you need a city trip and some sightseeing after all that nature? In the Swedish capital Stockholm amazing parks and a vibrant cultural scene are waiting for you. Outside the city there is a fascinating skerry landscape.

If you travel to Sweden by ferry or across the Øresund Bridge with your motorhome, you can't get past Malmö, the "Gate to Sweden". The inner city with the city hall, the historic old town and the vibrant beach promenade are especially worth seeing. You'll find numerous campsites near the beautiful Swedish cities.

Round Trip through Sweden

When camping in Sweden it's also common to move around with your motorhome and not just stay in one place. You're still searching for the right route? In our magazine we have the perfect tip for you! Discover Sweden while following the tracks of Astrid Lindgren and revel in childhood memories of the heroes in the well-known books of the Swedish author.

What Campers Should Know About Camping in Sweden

Light’s On!

When you drive on Swedish roads and motorways, you must always have your vehicle's dipped headlights turned on, even if you’re travelling during the day, and the sun is shining.

Stay High and Dry

The drink-drive limit in Sweden is 0.02% or 20 mg/l. The authorities take drinking and driving very seriously, and they regularly test drivers for alcohol. These tests don’t always happen at night either; sometimes, they’ll occur early in the morning. Drivers are typically checked when getting on or off of ferries.

Alcohol Comes at a Price

Food prices in Sweden are the fifth-highest in Europe, around 10–20% higher than average. That doesn’t mean that you have to empty the contents of your entire fridge into your motorhome before you head out on holiday: Swedish discount grocery stories are quite affordable. The only exception is alcohol, which is expensive and only available in Systembolaget, a government-owned chain of liquor stores. You could end up spending two or three times the price you’re used to for a bottle of beer!

Fishing Licence Required?

Many people falsely believe that the Everyman’s right means that there are no rules or limits for fishing in Sweden. Actually, you don’t need a fishing licence if you plan to stick to the coast or the five largest lakes (Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Storsjön, and Hjälmaren). For any other body of water, though, you will need a licence, which you can purchase at tourist offices, kiosks, petrol stations or from machines set up near the water.

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