Camping Recipes for Every Taste

Camping Recipes
The Best Camping Recipes - easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat

What do you put on the cooker in your camper van, on the grill in front of your caravan or on the gas cooker when camping in a tent? No matter how and where you are travelling - simple and quick recipes are particularly popular among campers.

On you will find a collection of recipe ideas as well as great tips on cooking and camping.

  1. The Best Camping Recipes and Tips
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The best Camping Recipes
Quick and Easy Recipes for Campers

The Best Camping Recipes and Tips

Do you fancy a culinary camping adventure with simple dishes that can be prepared quickly? You can also spoil your palate with the right recipes when camping. Discover the most popular camper recipes and other tips all about your camping cuisine here on

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Quick cooking on the campsite

Cooking in a Camper:

What to bring

Your camping holiday would certainly not be as enjoyable if you couldn't enjoy a home-made meal from time to time: When you're in the middle of nature, even the simplest meals tast twice as delicious.

Depending on what kind of meals you'd like to make, the utensils you'll need could add up quickly.

We put together a packing list, so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything important.

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Chips, an easy comfort food

Without a Fryer:

Camper Chips

Chips (or fries) can put a smile on anyone’s face, and some people can’t get enough of them - even on a camping trip.

But most motorhomes don’t come with an oven, and usually, there isn’t enough space for a fryer.

That doesn’t mean you have to go without your favourite snack.

Make Chips with the Omnia Oven!
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Pizza from the frying pan

Bread, Pizza and Cake

fresh from the Pan

Fancy a pizza but don't have an oven handy? We have the ideal solution for you.

In our magazine article, we show you how you can prepare bread, pizza and cake without an oven.

It's all very simple - and only with a pan.

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The Omnia Oven

3 Easy Omnia Recipes

for Campers

The Omnia oven is one of your most important utensils when you want to prepare a delicious camping meal.

For inspiration, we present 3 simple and especially tasty Omnia recipes in our magazine article.

Have fun trying them out!

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Cooking at the Campsite

Different Types of

Camping Ovens

Very few motorhomes come with a built-in oven — most manufacturers skip it in favour of storage space.

But if you want freshly baked treats like crunchy bread rolls, tasty cakes, and yummy casseroles, you don’t have to travel in a luxury motorhome.

We put together a selection of a few different small and affordable camping ovens and cookers that you can use without taking up too much space.

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All about Cooking and Camping

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