Camping with a Dog - Tips and Popular Campsites

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Long walks through meadows and forests, swimming in the lake at the campsite and catching the next ball on the beach - camping vacations are made for dogs and their owners. Whether that is with the camper in the mountains or the caravan just behind the dunes by the sea, when camping with dogs, both masters, mistresses and the four-legged friends experience the best time of the year. presents the best campsites for camping with dogs and shows you what you should pay special attention to when camping with dogs.

  1. Popular Regions and Places for Camping with a Dog
  2. The Best Tips for Camping with a Dog

Camping tips, four-legged friends, camping with dog, campsites with dog, dog-friendly sites in Europe
Camping with dog at the Camping Resort Allweglehen

Popular Regions and Campsites

The most popular campsites for camping with dogs are located in the coastal regions. You cannot only find dog-friendly campsites at the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, but also in Denmark as well as in Southern Europe near the Mediterranean Sea.

Camping with a Dog in Germany

Throughout Germany you will find dog-friendly campsites with special equipment for your four-legged friend. Whether natural, beautiful bathing facilities for the dog, separate dog showers or wide dog meadows for romping and playing - you can wonderfully take your four-legged friend with you on camping trips in Germany.

Top 5 Campsites in Germany for Dogs

Camping with a Dog in Austria

Many campers are drawn to the mountains for the most beautiful time of the year with their four-legged friends. The Alpine region provides campers with dogs with many great hiking and walking opportunities in an incredible scenery. Campsites in the lake regions in Austria are also highly recommended. At Wolfgangsee or Traunsee your four-legged friend can cool off and discover the underwater world.

Campers will find a particularly high level of dog-friendliness at HOCHoben Alpin Camping Mallnitz. Guests rate the suitability for camping with dogs at this popular site in Austria with 5 out of 5 stars. You can find more dog-friendly campsites in Austria in our campsite search.

Top 5 Campsites in Austria for Dogs

Camping tips, four-legged friends, camping with dog, campsites with dog, dog-friendly campsites

Camping with a Dog in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an ideal destination for campers travelling with dogs. Whether it's walking in the green forests, a sunset walk on the beach or swimming in the sea - the Netherlands is not only known for its green nature, but also for camping with a dog.

Many campsites have special areas for dogs where your four-legged friend can run, play and romp around freely. You will also find places with dog showers and drinking water points almost all over the country. Don't forget the many nature reserves in the Netherlands, where your dog will feel just as comfortable as you do when camping.

Top 5 Campsites in the Netherlands for Dogs

Camping with a Dog in Italy

In Italy your dog will feel especially comfortable at the campsites in the region Lido di Venezia . The four-legged friends will be taken care of by dog sitters for walking and trainers, which provide training on courses. Further, Camping places on Italian islands score in the dog friendliness. From South Tyrol to Tuscany, you can find over 180 dog-friendly campsites in Italy in our campsite search.

Campers on rave about the particular dog-friendliness at Campsite Campeggio Europa Silvella. Dogs are welcome here all season long. A large fenced area for dogs to romp without a leash is ready for your four-legged friend. The many walking opportunities and the beautiful sandy beach on Lake Garda provide unforgettable experiences on vacation not only for campers, but also for their pets.

Top 5 Campsites in Italy for Dogs

Camping with a Dog in Croatia.

In Croatia there are campsites with excellent facilities for camping with dogs. Along the coast of Croatia, you will find numerous campsites with dog-friendly accommodations as well as a separate dog beach, where the four-legged friend can romp around carefree. Likewise, course opportunities and dog training are often offered.

With 5 out of 5 stars in the category "suitable for guests with dog" campers rate the Autocamp Tabor About half an hour's drive north of Zadar, the campsite convinces not only with sea view on every plot, but also with special dog friendliness on site and on the beach. For more campsites for camping with dog in Croatia you can browse

Top 5 Campsites in Croatia for Dogs

Europe-Wide Camping with Four-Legged Friends

If you are looking for more dog-friendly campsites in particularly popular regions, such as Lake Constance, the North Sea coast or beyond the German borders, such as Lake Garda or South Tyrol, you can also simply set the filter "dogs welcome" ** here.

Whether on the beach or by the sea - discover the best destination and the best campsite in all of Europe for you and your dog.

Tips and Tricks: Camping with a Dog

  1. Many dog-friendly campsites offer four-legged care: Either at the reception or along the paths between the pitches you will usually find free bags or garbage bags to properly dispose of the business of your faithful companion. Dog food is often offered in the site's own store. "What a peasant does not know, he does not eat?" In this case, you should remember to pack a sufficient amount of the usual dog food in the camper. In front of the restaurant or even in front of the sanitary facilities, dog-friendly places have a dog bowl with some water ready to go.

  2. Dog toilets or showers are still no basic equipment on camp sites. However, on particularly dog-friendly sites they can be found by campers ever more frequently.

  3. As gladly as dogs are seen and heard on many campsites, a leash compulsion prevails in most places. To prevent problems and not have your vacation ruined, campers with dogs should follow this rule and keep the dog leashed on the campground. On enclosed open spaces your faithful companion can romp, play and jump as much as he likes even without a leash. Certain campgrounds also offer fenced-in lots so your dog can romp freely around the camper or caravan. In some countries there also is a muzzle requirement for dogs on the campsite.

  4. Your dog is not welcome at every beach section or lake. At the sea you should look for signposted areas for the romping of your four-legged friend. Dog owners may be fined for breaking the rules.

  5. Long trailing leashes and a hook on the ground or other fastening possibilities at the pitch are to be considered on the packing list for the vacation. This will keep your four-legged friend safely with you at the site while you read a book without worry or listen to the sound of the ocean waves. Plots with small hedges should be preferred over more open sites when camping with a dog, to not disturb the peace and privacy neighbors may desire.

  6. Observe the house rules of the campground that may be applicable for your dog. Do not let your four-pawed pet "do the business" on the campground. Campground rules ensure peaceful coexistence.

  7. Find out in advance if dogs are tolerated on the campsite especially at the time you want to go on vacation. In some cases, dogs are not allowed in the peak season. Likewise, you should make sure that the four-legged friends are welcome at the accommodation of your choice. In some rental accommodations dogs are forbidden. Also, distinctions are often made between overnight stays in the tent and in the own vehicle. You can find more exact information and the contact to the Campingplatz in each case on detail sides of the campsites. Other campers who have already been there with a dog have also given a rating for suitability with dog.

  8. Do not choose a pitch in the middle of the action at the campsite. So that your dog can do his business quickly and easily - and not on the neighbors' awning - it is a good idea to park the motorhome on a plot near the exit or on the edge of the campsite.

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