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Idyllic beaches and sunshine, mountains, picturesque landscapes, dreamy places and all sorts of cultural treasures — Italy inspires travellers and gets their hearts racing, and this has made the country one of the most popular European travel destinations for decades. When it comes to camping, Italy is also a perfect holiday destination, because there is a wide selection of campsites to choose from, and the climate is mild almost all year round. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a beach holiday, an active adventure, or a family holiday, we’ll show you the most beautiful travel destinations for camping in Italy.

Top Travel Destinations for Campers in Italy

Lake Garda: Varied Landscapes and Mediterranean Climate

Lake Garda is where the mountainous landscape of the Alps meets the Mediterranean South, and it’s a paradise for campers that love being in the mountains and in the water. The naturally colourful area is practically made for hiking and mountain biking. One of Europe’s most famous surf spots can actually be found on the northern tip of the lake, and it’s popular among sailors as well. On, you’ll find many lovely campsites on Lake Garda.

Tuscany: Italy's Wine Region

With an endless green landscape, fertile vineyards and charming, historic towns, Tuscany is just enchanting. The region in the center of Italy borders the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. The Tuscan coast is ideal for swimming, diving, sailing and surfing. The most beautiful cities of Italy are waiting for city fans - stroll through the Renaissance city of Florence or visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can find the most beautiful campsites in Tuscany here on

Lake Maggiore: Hiking in a Breathtaking Setting

The majestic landscape of the Alps, crystal-clear waters and lush greenery create an impressive backdrop for the campsites along Lake Maggiore. The region is known for its mild climate and Mediterranean flair. It’s popular among water sports enthusiasts, hikers and cyclists. You’ll find several well-rated campsites on Lake Maggiore on

Venice: The City of Love

This swimming city in the north of Italy is made up of small islands connected by more than 400 bridges. There’s no other city on earth like it! The romantic backdrop of canals, bridges and palaces have enchanted visitors for centuries. You’ll find many sites in the Venetian Lagoon, with boats that make regular trips to the city centre. You’ll find more than 65 campsites in and around Venice on

Sardinia: Incredible Beaches with a Caribbean Feeling

Sardinia’s long, white beaches along the turquoise Mediterranean waters are some of the prettiest in the world. It’s no wonder that sunbathers and surfers love the campsites right on the coast! In the north-west of the island, you’ll find quiet and picturesque bays beloved by divers, snorkellers and couples alike. Over 65 campsites on Sardinia await you.

Camping sites in Italy

Italy offers vacationers not only a wonderful landscape, fantastic coastal beaches and impressive cities, but also a wide range of campsites. From small campsites close to nature to luxury facilities, from the coast to the inland, there is something for every camper. Some facilities even have a pool and a children's entertainment program, so the whole family is offered a relaxing vacation. On many campsites your four-legged friend is also welcome. With the filter function here on you can choose the best campsite for you from more than 1500 campsites in Italy.

What Campers Should Know About Camping in Italy

Keep an eye out for Ticks

In Northern Italy, there’s a risk of getting TBE or Lyme disease from ticks. Make sure to protect yourself when you’re at the campsite or out hiking: dress appropriately (consider wearing light-coloured trousers and long-sleeve shirts to cover your skin and to spot ticks more easily) and use insect repellent.

Reservations are necessary in August

If you want to travel to Italy in August, make sure to book far enough in advance, because August is also the month when most Italians go on holiday. On some campsites, there’s even a required minimum length of stay.

Don’t drink the Tap Water

Even though the water quality in Italy is required to meet the high standards put in place by the EU, you still shouldn’t drink the tap water here. Old and unclean pipes can negatively impact the water’s quality.

Pack an Adapter

The voltage on campsites is generally between 110 and 220 volts. Since shock-proof plugs aren’t used in Italy, you should bring an adapter with you.

Know the Speed Limits

Outside of built-up areas, the speed limit for cars and motorhomes up to 3.5 t is 90 km/h. On motorways, the limit is 130 km/h. If you’re driving a motorhome that’s heavier than 3.5 t, the speed limits drop to 80 km/h on roads outside of built-up areas and 100 km/h on motorways. For cars with caravans, the speed limit is even lower, at 70 km/h on roads outside of built-up areas and 80 km/h on motorways.

Restricted Nudism

Nudism is generally not permitted in Italy. An exception are designated areas like private properties or official nudist beaches. These are generally located in more secluded areas and not in the main tourist spots.

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