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FKK-Naturist Camping Valalta, Croatia

Freedom and closeness to nature are particularly important in nudist camping. Whether on long sandy beaches, on the shore of a clear bathing lake or in the midst of picturesque landscapes - if you want to experience the best nudist culture in harmony with nature, you can now find beautiful nudist campsites all over Europe.

We tell you what you should keep in mind when nudist camping in individual countries, introduce you to popular regions and top campsites for nudist camping, and provide you with the best tips on camping for naturists.

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Information, Tips and Popular Regions for Nudist Camping

Nudism, Naturisten FamilienSport- und NaturCamp Sonnensee, Lower Saxony, Nudist Camping
Naturisten FamilienSport- und NaturCamp Sonnensee, Lower Saxony

Nudist Camping in Germany

Nudist Camping in Northeast Germany

Triggered by the naturist movement in the GDR, you can still find many textile-free places in Saxony, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thuringia. Bathing and camping without clothes has not been a rarity here for some time. Especially the Mecklenburg Lake District as the region of the "1000 lakes" is known for campsites by the water often also with nudist bathing possibilities. If you want to try carefree camping without clothes in your own country, we recommend a Camping trip to the Useriner See, the Großer Labussee or to the Rätzsee.. The Bärwalder See and the Olbasee in the Oberlausitz also invite with facilities for nudists, especially in the high season from April to October, to swim and relax on nudist vacation. The island of Rügen also offers a particularly large number of nudist beaches - a paradise for lovers of nudist culture.

Nudist Camping on the Baltic Sea and North Sea Coasts in Germany

Clothes off and into the sea - not only at the Baltic Sea, but also at the North Sea there are some beautiful, natural nudist campsites or at least facilities with a separate nudist bathing area. Lying in the sand unobserved and enjoying the freedom and tranquility to the fullest - that's what nudist camping by the sea is all about. Popular regions for camping without clothes at the Baltic Sea are especially the islands Usedom and Fehmarn as well as places around Grömitz. In addition to textile-free areas, a wide range of adventure and recreational opportunities for the whole family are offered here at nudist campsites. On the North Sea, naturists will find sites for camping with nudist areas, for example, on the North Sea island Amrum and in Wangerland in the Nordic Friesland.

Germany's Most Popular Campsite for Nudists is in Lower Saxony

As the most popular campsite for naturism in all of Europe as well as Award Winner is the Naturisten FamilienSport- und NaturCamp Sonnensee near Hanover. In a family atmosphere and with a particularly good price-performance ratio, campers feel especially comfortable at the facility in the green landscape conservation area directly on the lake. Campers on describe the camping vacation with the NaturCamp as " balsam for the soul " and report additionally on the nature-near camping site: "At the sun lake immediately vacation tendency arises for me! The lake has a great water quality and the nature around has a lot to offer (even rare terns, middle spotted woodpeckers etc. I could observe). And for me, one of the most important points in the vacation: sanitary facilities and the area are in tip-top shape/very clean."

The Chairman of NaturistenCamp Jan Schlegel runs the popular facility with his team from full passion. Exactly this heart blood is its success prescription: "Whether at the lake, at the sea, or at another, green place on this world: Free body culture in the agreement with nature experience and an all around unencumbered leisure and vacation pleasure to enjoy, is in my opinion that, which distinguishes the Naturistencamping and makes so attractive for campers. Here at Sonnensee, we offer campers pure nature to fully leave everyday life behind."

Top Nudist Campsites in Germany

Nudist Camping in Austria

One of the most beautiful countries for nudist vacations is Austria. Imagine waking up completely carefree in pure idyll directly with a view from the caravan on the Wörthersee. Or relaxing on a camping vacation without clothes in the mountain lakes of Tyrol or Styria, with a panoramic view of the mountains? All completely free and without clothes, if you like.

By the way - if you are on site, you should definitely include a hiking tour through the alpine landscapes. If you like, you can even do it without clothes: In Austria, nude hiking is officially allowed - but you have to make sure yourself that "public decency" is respected. In this case, you should avoid typical hiking routes with many visitors. Especially the region of Carinthia, which alone has six campsites with nudist facilities, is one of the most interesting and best destinations in Austria. Whether hiking, recreation or sightseeing vacation - in Austria your camping vacation with nudism will be a very special one.

Top Nudist Campsites in Austria

Nudist Camping in Croatia

On the Adriatic coast in Croatia, nude camping has a long tradition. While the first nude beach opened in Croatia in the 60s, you can find many great nudist campsites in the "land of 1000 islands" with around 200 days of sunshine today. Primarily, you can camp nude on the Adriatic coast as well as on one of the picturesque islands. Casual camping in harmony with nature, with pebble beaches and almost crystal clear water, is especially popular in the region Istria among naturists with a preference for nudism

Tip: If you want to try nudist camping in Istria, be sure to include a city trip to Pula or Rovinj. The best camping for nudists here can be combined not only with sightseeing, but also with water sports. Whether it's peace and quiet or action - at textile-free camping in Croatia you'll find what you need to take a break from everyday life.

Top Nudist Campsites in Croatia

Nudist Camping in France

In France, nudist camping is already widespread, unlike in other European countries. Particularly many campsites for naturists can be found in the beautiful coastal regions of southern France. Both on the beautiful sandy beaches of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, as well as in the middle of the picturesque landscapes of the Cevennes in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, well-equipped nudist campsites for the perfect nature experience while camping are waiting for you.

Whether with your own motorhome, caravan, tent, or in a comfortable mobile home - on the nature-oriented sites with nudist facilities, swimming pool and versatile restaurants with French delicacies you decide how to create your perfect camping vacation. For fans of naturism, check out the campsites of France 4 Naturisme a group of eight first-class nudist campsites in France.

Did you know that there are two types of nudist beaches in France? One is the "Plage Naturiste" and the other is the "Plage Nudiste". Bathing areas at a so-called "Plage Nudiste" are official beaches for nudists, designated by the municipalities. On these beaches you can enjoy the natural experience of naturism under the wonderful French sun without any worries or worries at all. At the "Plage Naturiste", textile-free swimming and relaxing is largely tolerated, but these beaches are not officially considered nudist beaches. So if you are not sure, it is best to go directly to a "Plage Nudiste".

In general, the various beaches with or without nudist options in France are well signposted. You can often find beaches with nude bathing and textile beach areas in France.

Top Nudist Campsites in France

Other European Countries with Nudist Offers

Italy also has over 30 campsites for nudist vacations, in addition to beautiful coastal beaches and impressive cities. The offer for the nudist camping extends thereby from Genoa over San Marino up to Sicily over the whole country. Also, in England and even Scandinavia you can find campsites with textile-free areas and nudist possibilities. In Spain there are only a few places with nudist so far - but even here you will find it, if you long for a vacation with nudist culture between picturesque mountain villages and flowery white dream stands.

Find the Perfect Naturist Site

How to do it? Simply set the Filter "Nudism" in our Campsite Search under "Vacation type" in the menu. Here you will find more than 360 camping sites for naturists all over Europe. Likewise you find on in the filter "nudist beach" in the category "leisure" the best places with nudist bathing area, if the textile-free and carefree swimming in the sea in the camping vacation is particularly important to you.

On the detailed pages of the campsites you can see more precisely whether, for example, only a nudist beach section is available on the site or whether it is a textile-free site overall. And finally, the many Camper Reviews almost always tell you how much nudism a campsite offers.

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