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Here you find frequently asked questions and their answers about camping.info

**Do you have questions about camping.info, our products, the many different functions or other issues? Here you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions for both campers and operators. **

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  2. Search, find and book Campsites
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If we have not listed a question, please feel free to contact us personally contact. Our team will be happy to help you.

camping.info, largest online camping guide
camping.info: The largest online camping guide in the German-speaking world

About camping.info

In how many languages is camping.info published?
Where does the information for the campsites on camping.info come from?
What makes camping.info special?
Which campsites are listed on camping.info?
What is the camping.info Award and which criteria are used to award it?
What is camping.info?
What makes the camping.info camping guides so unique?
What is the idea behind the camping.info cookbook?
What offers camping.info free of charge for even more camping inspiration and tips?
Who stands behind camping.info?
Jobs at camping.info: Can I join you?
to the campsite search, 23.000 campsites, camping.info
On camping.info you will find your favorite campsite

Check camping.info

Before Starting the Next Trip

Search, find and book: camping.info is the most visited online camping guide in the German-speaking world with over 23,000 campsites from 44 countries in Europe. With the help of numerous filters according to countries, regions, locations and your own personal preferences, you will find the perfect campsite for you.

Get inspired and find your favourite campsite in our campsite search

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Search, Find and Book Campsites

What can I do if no campsites are displayed after selecting the filters?
Why are some campsites displayed as "sponsored"?
What filter options does camping.info offer in the campsite search?
Which functions offers camping.info to find the best campsite?
How can I cancel my booking on camping.info?
camping.info reviews
Support campers and campsites with a review on camping.info

Your Review

Really Matters

Check out different campsites on camoing.info and find out in the reviews how other campers liked the campsite. More than 220,000 reviews from campers are a special decision-making aid and make our portal so authentic and valuable for choosing your next camping destination.

With a review on camping.info, you not only support the campsite, but also help other campers to find their perfect campsite.

Leave a review for a campsite you visited

Submitting and Modifying Reviews

How often can I rate a campsite?
How can I delete ratings, pictures or videos?
How can I upload photos or videos of the campsite?
Which of my uploaded pictures and videos will be published on camping.info?
Why can't I find my uploaded pictures/videos or reviews online?
Does the campsite operator have any influence on the camping.info ratings?
How can I rate campsites on camping.info?
Why should I leave a review on camping.info?
your individual camper profile on camping.info
Log in and check the benefits of your individual camper profile

Your Personal

Camper Profile

In your individual camper profile on camping.info, you can not only save your favourite campsites in the favourites list, but also view all your submitted ratings, photos and videos of visited campsites at any time.

In your camper profile, you will remember your best memories now even better.

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About the Camper Profile

What is the camper profile on camping.info?
What are the advantages of the camper profile on camping.info?
Why is my username not displayed in the camper profile, but my first name and first letter from the last name?
Where can I find my saved campsites?
Are my saved campsites from the website also on my app?
More than 23.000 campsites on your mobile phone, camping.info App, camping app
More than 23.000 campsites on your mobile phone

More than 23,000 Campsites

on your Smartphone

**Book the best campsite with only a few clicks - conveniently with the camping.info app. No matter where and when: With our app, you can discover over 23,000 campsites on your mobile phone both from home and on the road. **

More information and frequently asked questions about the completely revised camping.info app, which was only introduced to the camping market in summer 2021, you will find here.

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advertising opportunities
Advertise with us and get more reservations for your campsite

Your Campsite

on camping.info

Whether on social media, in our newsletter, in our camping guides or with a more present position in our campsite search: If you would like to attract more campers, you've come to the right place.

**For all questions outside the FAQ, our team is always at your disposal. We are happy to help! **

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For Campsite Operators

How can I edit the information of my campsite on camping.info?
What are the possibilities to be more visible on camping.info and reach even more campers?
How can I become bookable online on camping.info?
Are there maximum upload limits for image or video files?
How can I manage the ratings of my campsite?
I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
How can I list my campsite on camping.info?
Wie kann ich mein Bewertungs-Widget einbinden?