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The winner of the Award 2023: Campingpark Kühlungsborn on the beautiful Baltic Sea in Germany
The winner of the Award 2023: Campingpark Kühlungsborn on the beautiful Baltic Sea in Germany

The Award:

The 110 most Popular Campsites in Europe

Every year the Award identifies the 110 most popular campsites in Europe and is one of the most ambitioned awards in the camping industry. This annual Award is purely a people’s choice award; there is no jury and no discretionary decision-making. Ratings submitted by campers are all that counts! More than 230.000 reviews from over 150.000 campers make up this year’s basis for the 2022 Award, which is calculated using our proven formula. The Award 2023 is presented for the 12th time this year.

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Campingpark Kühöungsborn is happy about the first place in the Award
Campingpark Kühöungsborn is happy about the first position in the Award

Award Winners 2023

This year, 69 German, 20 Austrian and seven Italian campsites made it into the award ranking.

The Top 100 are completed by three popular campgrounds from Switzerland and one campsite from the Netherlands.

The Top 3 Award Winners

The first place of the Award went this year again to Campingpark Kühlungsborn in Germany at the Baltic Sea. For the third time in a row, the most popular place in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is on the winners' podium. The campsite has continuously improved and optimized its offerings in recent years, which has been rewarded with excellent guest reviews for a second time.

The second place this year goes to Grubhof in Austria. The Award-winning campsite in Salzburg's Pinzgau has been in the top league for years and won the highest place for Austria in 2021, 2022 and now also in 2023 again. The third place this year also goes to the Baltic Sea - to Rosenfelder Strand Camping in Schleswig-Holstein near Grömitz. Right on the beach, the place is a popular travel destination, especially for families.

The Top 10 Award Winners

Five campsites from Germany, four from Austria and one site from Switzerland are part of the top 10 of the most respected campsites from all over Europe. Campingplatz Sonnenland from Burgenland is in the top 10 for the first time.

The Top 100 Award Winners

You can find all 100 best rated campsites from over 23,000 campers here.

The team congratulates all award winners. At the same time, we would like to thank all campers who regularly rate campsites on and thus make it possible to present the award every year. Many Thanks!

Grubhof, Award winner 2023
The Team of Camping Grubhof is happy about the second place in the Award 2023

The Newcomers in the Award

A total of 14 campsites from Austria, Italy and Germany are new to the ranking of the Award 2023 compared to 2022.

The highest newcomer in the overall ranking and best newcomer in Italy is the Camping Gloria Vallis campsite in South Tyrol Trentino. If this campsite was not in the top 110 last year, it improved in the 2023 award and, thanks to numerous guest reviews, is ranked 27 this year as well as the special award "Best rating for sanitary cleanliness".

The campsites Vital CAMP Bayerbach, Camping Schliersee, Camping Jungfrau Lauterbrunnen, Camping Sütel, Camping Großes Meer, Alpen-Caravanpark Achensee, Naturpark-Camping Prinzenholz, Camping am Berghof Oberhasenberghof, Barracuda Beach Camping am See, Naturcamping Lassan, Camping am Königsberg, TCS Camping Bern - Eymatt and Campeggio Europa Silvella received a award for the first time.

The Highest Climbers in the Award

Campingpark Erfurt is considered the best climber in the Award 2023.

The popular course in Thuringia climbed from 97th to 60th place in 2023, improving by a whopping 37 positions. Also in the fast lane in this year's award are the companies Camping Klausdorfer Strand on Fehmarn (+ 28 positions), Ferienparadies Natterer See (+ 21 positions), Camping Maltschacher Seewirt (+ 19 positions), Kur-Camping Kreuzhof (+ 18 positions), Seepark Ternsche (+ 18 positions) and the 50plus Campingpark Fisching (+ 16 positions).

Campsite with Special Awards

On, in addition to the overall rating of the site, campers also have the opportunity to rate individual categories such as sanitary facilities, site and infrastructure or the special suitability for camping with dogs, seniors or couples. In the 2023 award ranking, we not only honor the campsites with a place in the top 110, but also give special awards for individual categories.

According to the camper ratings, Vital CAMP Bayerbach campsite offers the best price-performance ratio and at the same time the calmest place for campers. If you like to camp with dogs and children and like a wide range of leisure activities, Camping Sonnenland is the best place for you. Campers experience the best catering offer at the Schliersee campsite. The 50plus Campingpark Fisching in Styria is best suited for seniors.

You can find all category winners here.

The best campsites from 10 other countries

In addition to the top 100 sites, 10 other campsites will be honored as part of the Awards 2023 for the seventh time now.

These are the best campsites from 10 other countries that were not represented in the ranking of the 100 award winners. In result, the most popular campsite from Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Denmark and Romania also receive the award.

About the Award Concept

The Award is one of the most ambitioned awards in the camping industry and is being presented for the 11th time this year. With 40 million page views (2021), our camping platform is by far the most visited camping website in German-speaking countries. lists over 23.,000 campsites from 44 European countries and is also very popular in other countries thanks to its 27 language versions. The great success of the award is primarily based on its transparency: There is no “black box”, all the underlying evaluations and the formula for creating the ranking and all of its factors are publicly available. As in previous years, not only the average ratings of the camping guests form the basis, but there is a weighting according to the topicality of the ratings and their number.

Ratings are weighted based on how current they are, how many there are as well as how trustworthy the reviewer is: The more reviews a camper submits on, the frequency with which other users find their reviews useful, the more complete their personal profile, the number of pictures uploaded, etc., the higher the reviewer’s trustworthiness rating on will be. This level of trustworthiness is displayed beside each rating and is indicated with smiley faces (1–5).

Winner of the Award 2022: Campingpark Kühlungsborn at the beautiful Baltic Sea
Winner of the Award 2022: Campingpark Kühlungsborn

Award Winner 2022

this is what Winners look like

The top position of the Award 2022 was taken for the second time in a row by Campingpark Kühlungsborn. Second place in the award ranking went to the popular Grubhof in Austria.

Third place went in 2022 again to the Baltic Sea - namely to the place Rosenfelder Strand Camping in Schleswig-Holstein near Grömitz.

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