Terms of Service for Campers (B2C)

I. Scope

Camping.info GmbH (“Camping.info” or “We”, etc.) provides information and services related to leisure activities for people looking for a campsite for a specific date or period of time (“campers” or “You”, etc.).

The services offered by Camping.info (including the booking and payment processing) are available to campers only for their private and non-commercial use (B2C). Regarding the use of web pages, the complementary terms of use stored there apply.

Unless expressly excluded, all services provided by Camping.info are provided exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions; regardless of how, directly or indirectly (i.e. via third parties) these are offered (e.g. via the Internet, mobile devices of any kind, by e-mail, in writing or by telephone).

The legal relations of Camping.info with the providers of campsites, pitches, campgrounds and other service providers (“site operators” or “service providers”) are regulated separately (B2B) and are excluded from the scope of these General Terms and Conditions.

II. Type and scope of our services

The information we use to describe the items and leisure activities (“pitches”) on our websites and apps (including prices, fees, terms and conditions and availability) is based on the information provided to us by the respective site operators. The correctness, accuracy and completeness of such information cannot be guaranteed by Camping.info We are also not liable for errors (including obvious errors or misprints), interruptions (through a temporary and / or partial failure, repair, update or maintenance on our website or for any other reason), inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or the failure to provide information.

Camping.info itself does not offer any pitches or any other travel services, but acts in this regard only as a broker. The brokerage is carried out for the camper as part of an agency contract (“brokerage agreement”), provided that a direct booking is made via our websites and / or our apps (see III.). The object of a brokerage agreement concluded with us is exclusively the careful brokerage of contracts between campers and site operators in the context of availability (= offer of the site operator) and booking (= acceptance of the offer by the camper) as well as the related booking and down payment processing.

The contract of a camper regarding a booked pitch or service always comes about directly with the respective service provider or site operator. Please note in this context that each site operator sets his own business and / or contract conditions on which Camping.info has no influence and for which we are therefore not liable.

III. Direct Booking at Camping.info

1. Conclusion of the contract

If you want to book your pitch directly at Camping.info, you will be asked for your travel dates (arrival / departure) after selecting the desired campsite. Thereafter, you have to select the type of pitch or accommodation you want. In the following window – under the respective estimate of the individual prices – concrete information on the number of travelers and any desired extras (e.g. power supply) can be entered. The next step is to enter your required personal data and that of your fellow travelers. The fields marked with “*” are mandatory and must be filled in completely and correctly so that the booking can continue. Here, you also have the option of providing additional information and sending a message to the site operator. After entering the data, you will receive an overview of “your data” entered during the previous booking process and the prices based thereon. Please check the information carefully to make sure it is correct and complete! Camping.info assumes no liability for incorrect information provided (e.g. an incorrect e-mail address, which can lead to considerable problems with the booking process).

By clicking on the pencil symbol you have the opportunity to change or correct the data listed next to it. In the next step you can view (by clicking on the respective link) the General Terms and Conditions of Camping.info, of the site operator (insofar as he has stored them there) and of the BVCD marketplace (if applicable), as well as the privacy policy of Camping.info. Only once you confirm – by clicking on the relevant button – that you have read and accepted these conditions, you can continue the booking process and accept the offer of the site operator stated in the booking overview by clicking on the “Book now for a fee [price]” button. Alternatively, you can cancel the booking process at any time by leaving the page; the booking will only take place once you click on the aforementioned button.

(Only) by clicking on the “Book now for a fee [price]” button, a legally binding contract is concluded between you and the site operator. The campers and the site operator will automatically receive an e-mail from Camping.info with the booking confirmation to the respective e-mail addresses provided. The text of the contract is stored by Camping.info.

2. Payment terms / down payment

Insofar as the site operator requests a down payment, the amount of which he himself determines anywhere between 20% to 100% of the booking price, payment is made online via the Payment Service Provider (PSP) Adyen N.V., Amsterdam, NL. The following payment options are available to the camper (depending on the country of the campsite and the country of the camper): Visa or Mastercard, American Express, Ideal or instant bank transfer.

Payment is always done in the currency of the campsite. If the payment method of the customer is in a different currency, a conversion fee will be charged. This fee is 1.2% of the down payment amount for the following currencies: CHF, SEK, BRL, PLN, EUR, DKK, CZK, ZAR, SGD, JPY, CAD, HKD, USD, NOK, GBP, NZD and AUD. All remaining currencies will incur a 3% conversion fee. The information on conversion fees is provided by Camping.info without guarantee.

A down payment will be credited in full to the booking price.

Camping.info accepts full responsibility for the intended transaction of all payments made through this platform, including any claims for refunds, credits, cancellations and chargebacks, and is committed to mediate any such disputes between the camper and the site operator. For complaints and claims in connection with the payment made by the camper via this platform, we are the first line of support. In the case of chargebacks, we provide the necessary information to the respective credit card companies on behalf of the site operator concerned, with the site operator having any further claims reserved.

3. Prices for pitches and services

The pitch prices stated in the booking confirmation are guaranteed by the respective service provider. The payment of the booking price has to be done – insofar as this has not already been covered with the down payment according to para. III.3 – by the campers on site and directly to the site operator. In this respect, the payment terms of the respective service provider always apply.

All prices for the booked services are final. They include VAT.

Additional fees may be charged by the site operator for the use of additional offers and services (not included in the booking).

4. Changes and cancellations

All desired changes and cancellations must be handled directly with the site operator. The corresponding contact details (e-mail address) can be found on the booking confirmation.

The deadline for changes or cancellation is usually determined by receipt of your notification by the site operator. Please note in this context the General Terms and Conditions of the site operator and his cancellation policy.

IV. Liability

Camping.info is not liable for defects and damages incurred by the campers in connection with the services offered by the service provider. In particular, Camping.info assumes no responsibility for the service descriptions and classifications issued by the site operators and for any performance disruptions in the contractual relationship existing between the campers and the site operator.

In case of breach of essential contractual obligations (from the broker agreement) the liability of Camping.info is limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damages, if these were simply caused by negligence, unless it concerns claims for damages of the camper regarding injury to life, body or health.

Other claims for damages are in principle excluded from Camping.info, as far as and insofar as other damages are not based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Camping.info or its vicarious agents.

Site operators act on their own responsibility and are not vicarious agents of Camping.info. Significant contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment is necessary to achieve the objective of the contract (namely the brokerage of pitches).

V. Other

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies with the exception of the UN sales law. This choice of law applies to a consumer only to the extent that it does not restrict any mandatory statutory provisions of the state in which he has his domicile or habitual residence.

Contract language is German only.

VI. Alternative dispute resolution

The EU Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution on the Internet at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

This platform serves as a point of contact for the out-of-court resolution of disputes arising from online purchases or service contracts involving a consumer.

Camping.info is neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer dispute resolution office.

Imprint & Place of Jurisdiction

Camping.info and Premium Entry are services provided by the Camping.info GmbH,

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