What is camping.info?

camping.info is a platform that makes it easier for campers to find the right campsite for their camping holiday. camping.info is available as a website, an app and as a printed camping guide in various editions covering popular travel destinations (Germany, Italy, around the Alps, Croatia).

What is special about camping.info?

Reviews by campers are the DNA of camping.info. It was deliberately decided that the impression of guests is important and not that of a single person, such as an inspector. After all, everyone has their own tastes and individual things that are important to them during their stay. We firmly believe that a truly authentic picture of a campsite can only be presented by a large number of detailed and independent evaluations. The point of camping.info is that campers should find a campsite where they feel at home - whether on a so-called classified 5-star site or on a simple meadow. And this feeling of wellbeing, this experience, can't be achieved by simply meeting the "Swimming pool xm²" criterion alone.

This appeals to campers, because camping.info is the most visited camping portal in the German-speaking world and offers a depth and breadth of data like no other portal. With over 23,000 campsites throughout Europe, every camper will find the campsite that suits him or her best.

At the heart of camping.info are the more than 190,000 campsite reviews that campers have submitted to the portal. Not only general reviews are given, but also individual aspects of the site such as its location, the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities or which activities the site is particularly suitable for. Campers can also upload their own photos and videos of the site. With the help of over 222,000 photos and 3,200 videos, everyone can get an authentic impression of the campsite. The data for the campsites is maintained by the campsite operators themselves. We regularly remind the operators to keep their information up to date.

How can I search for and find campsites on camping.info?

camping.info offers the right opportunities for everyone to find the perfect campsite. For example, you can easily search for the region using the map. If there are several campsites in the region, the campsites are first displayed in clusters. Individual campsites are displayed directly with their average rating. The map can be used to search for campsites in the section. A refinement of the results can then be configured using the filters on the right. In this way, only those campsites that meet the filter criteria are displayed on the map or in the search bar.

Why has camping.info been re-designed?

The website was already over 15 years old. Calculated in Internet years (similar to dog years) this is therefore already ancient. In order to expand and improve the site we had to start from scratch, because the technology of the original camping.info was just too old to implement the extensions that we still have in our minds, which should give you a better experience when searching for a suitable campsite. We also received feedback from many users that the old design of the site sometimes led to doubts about whether the data was still up-to-date. So with the new website we also want to achieve more confidence in the up-to-date status of the data and more flexibility to implement the wishes of the camping community.

How do I use the campsite search function with the camping.info filter options?

With the help of the numerous filters, you can filter by online bookability, ratings, camper types, activities, features, location, leisure and rental accommodation. The filter bar is located on the left side, while the campsites that meet these criteria are displayed on the right. If the bookable online filter is selected under Bookability, all campsites that offer the possibility of being booked directly online on camping.info will be displayed. Possibilities for enquiries and reservations are not included here. Under the filter Camper type you can filter how suitable the campsite should be for couples, families with children of different ages, guests with dogs, senior citizens, youth groups or holidaymakers with tents, for example. This information is based on the ratings of other campers. Under General you will find general information about the campsite. In other words, information about opening hours, the number of pitches, nudism, winter camping, whether dogs are allowed and much more. Activities can be filtered according to the activities e.g. hiking, cycling, swimming, wellness etc. which can be carried out on or near the campsite. Under Location you can filter how the campsite should be located. For example, how far it should be from the sea, lake or a motorway exit. Of course you can also continue to search for a location in the mountains or near the city. Under Services you can filter for campsites that have the desired infrastructure. This means that you can filter for electricity, water connections at the campsite, gas bottle exchange (at the campsite), supply and disposal, Wi-Fi and much more. Everything that could be of interest in your leisure time can be found under the Leisure filter options. Here you can filter for example for a sandy beach, pool/outdoor swimming pool, nudist beach, sauna, golf, boat rental and much more that you enjoy doing in your free time. If you are interested in renting accommodation, you can either filter for various types under Rental accommodation or search for suitable accommodation throughout Europe on our subsidiary portal glamping.info.

Why are no campsites displayed after the filters are applied?

If you don't see any more campsites on the map or in the results list, you may need to delete or adjust some filters. Another reason could be that there are no campsites in the area you are searching on the map. In that case, zoom out of the map again. Important Please note: if a campsite has provided no information in relation to a specific criterion, it will not be displayed if you have selected this criterion. This means that only campsites that meet your criteria or have provided the relevant information will appear in the search results list. We therefore encourage campsites to keep their details as complete and up-to-date as possible. However, the responsibility for this lies entirely with the campsite operators.

Campers help campers

The active participation of individual campers enables the entire camping community to better evaluate the campsites and find the right campsite.

After a camping trip you can easily upload reviews and photos of the visited campsite or rate the campsite on camping.info. In order to submit a review, a camper profile must exist or be newly created. Please note! The photos and reviews are only visible after confirmation of the email address.

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How can I rate campsites on camping.info?

You can rate a campsite by going to the detailed page of the campsite and scrolling down to the reviews. Under the overall impression you can rate the campsite under Review campsite.

Give your review a title so that the other campers can quickly see what your basic impression was. Give a short description of the advantages and disadvantages of the campsite and add your comment, stating the date of your stay. Finally you have to rate your overall impression. Now you have entered all the mandatory information to help the camper community to get a good impression of the campsite.

You can now refine your review by using the sliders to rate further criteria. If you don't move the slider, you will not give a rating for this section. If the bar has been moved to the other side and the line is completely green, this means you were very satisfied with that particular point. Finally, you can indicate what the campsite is particularly suitable for. Here you just have to click on the tile so that it is framed in green and a green checkmark can be seen.

Your reviews all flow into the filters of the search. In this way you help other campers with every single review.

When uploading photos and videos you must agree to our Terms of use dated 01.07.2019 and accept our policies.

How can I delete a review?

If you want your review to be deleted or deactivated, please write to us via Contact, stating your user name, email address, the campsite you have reviewed and the rating you have given. In future you will also be able to do this yourself in your user profile.

How can I upload photos or videos of the campsite?

If you want to upload photos or a video of a campsite, go to the detailed page of each campsite and scroll down to the ratings. There, under the overall rating, you can click on Upload videos or Upload photos to upload the respective medium.

You can upload images in the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.

The maximum size is 8 MB, and the photos should have a minimum size of 1140x1140 px. You can upload content of maximum 50 MB. Finally, you enter the time period of your stay at the campsite. For the videos you can either add a YouTube link or upload a video. Then you give the video a title and ideally you add a description of the video.
When uploading photos and videos you must agree to our Terms of use dated 01.07.2019 and accept our policies.

How can I delete photos or videos?

If you want your photos or videos to be deleted or deactivated, please write to us via Contact, stating your user name, email address and the campsite for which you have updated the photos/videos. In future you will also be able to do this yourself in your user profile.

Important Please note that only photos and videos will be published if the email address of the corresponding user has been confirmed. After creating a user profile you will receive an email in which you can confirm your email address. If you have uploaded photos/videos and your email address has not yet been verified, you will receive an email confirming the upload of the photos/videos and thus also verifying your email address.

Why are my uploaded photos/videos or reviews not available online?

Please check if you have verified your email address. Please also check your spam folder again to see if our email has landed there. If you have verified your email address, your photos/videos/ratings will automatically be visible after a short time. In a few cases photos/videos/ratings from camping.info have been deactivated because they may have violated the guidelines. If you suspect that this is the case with you, please contact us under Contact.

Where are my saved campsites?

When you log in, you can find your favourites at top centre of the home page, next to the heart icon. You can view your favourites in a tile or list view. To remove a campsite from your favourites, click on the red heart icon in the favourites view. You will then have about 4 seconds to undo the action.

If you are logged in, you can add campsites by clicking on the little heart icon for "Save" under the price on the detailed page of the campsite.

Once the heart is filled in red, your campsite is saved on your favourites list.

Are my favourites from the website also on my app?

Yes and no. It depends on the app you use. At the moment we have two apps. With the Europe 2020 camping.info app, the favourites are saved on your device and are not saved in your user login, as you can't log in there either.
On our old app you have to log in with the camping.info user login, and your camping.info favourites from the website will then be displayed there as well.

How can I modify my rating and comments?

In relation to the publication of our new camping.info portal, you will not be able to make any changes to your reviews for the time being. We are working on making your overview of ratings and photos/videos available again as soon as possible.

Why is my user name no longer displayed but instead my first name and the first letter of my surname?

We have made the changes from the user names to the first name and the first letter of the surname in order to achieve greater confidence in the reviews on the part of users. Because of the previous display of the names, especially in the case of user names, the ratings were sometimes regarded as untrustworthy. As soon as the login area for our users is online, they can decide individually how their name should be displayed. So it can be Lisa Miller, Lisa M. or L.M., for example. The default setting is Lisa M.. As long as you can't make the changes yourself, send us your username and the email address of your profile and in which form your name should be displayed.

Why is the trust rating of other users no longer displayed?

The user trust levels will be displayed again. We are currently looking for a suitable solution for the display and implementation.

Where can I see information about discount partners such as ACSI?

In the course of time discount cards such as those from ACSI and the like will be displayed again. Have a little patience with us here. But they will be back.

General information about camping.info

Where does the information about the campsites come from?

The information on the campsites (comparative price, location, facilities, etc.) is generally maintained by the campsites themselves. In the event of incorrect information, the editors of camping.info reserve the right to correct the details or to delete the entire campsite from the database.

The data for the campsites is maintained by the campsite operators themselves. We regularly remind the operators to keep their information up to date.

Does the campsite operator have any influence on the reviews?

No, the reviews can't be changed by the campsite. Editorial intervention is only made if the comments or holiday photos of campers violate the guidelines.

Which campsites are registered?

All European campsites are registered, as long as they are managed commercially (as a business) and are not just car parks. The basic entry is completely free. Note: with regard to Austria only the partner campsites of Campingfuehrer.at are registered.

In how many languages is camping.info published?

camping.info is published in 27 European languages.

Who is behind camping.info?

We are a dedicated team whose objective is to make the campsite search easier for the camping community. It's our aim to ensure that your holiday starts with the search. You can find out exactly who that is on our Team page.

Why are some campsites shown as "sponsored"?

Campsites that are marked as "sponsored" have purchased a service from us to increase their visibility on our portal, so that they can be found more easily by campers. However, only sponsored campsites that match the search criteria are displayed in the search results. This means that if you search under Baltic Sea, for example, you won't be shown campsites in South Tyrol just because they have booked more visibility. All campsites in the results list therefore continue to meet the criteria that are important to you for your holiday.