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Idyllic wine-growing areas, extensive forests, romantic river valleys and imposing low mountain ranges promise exciting adventures in Rhineland-Palatinate and invite you to spend active days. Those interested in culture can look forward to charming sights, impressive buildings and the beautiful cities of Trier, Koblenz and Speyer. Numerous campsites on the beautiful banks of the Moselle, in the mountains of the Hunsrück or in the picturesque Middle Rhine Valley make the state located in southwestern Germany very popular with campers. Due to its proximity to France, Belgium and Luxembourg Rhineland-Palatinate also is a good stopover when travelling to one of the neighbouring countries. However, the state is actually much too beautiful not to linger longer. Still looking for an exact destination or exciting activities? We'll help and present you the most popular destinations and activities for camping in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Most Beautiful Destinations for Camping in Rhineland-Palatinate

Campsites in the Mountains of Rhineland-Palatinate – Hunsrück

Freedom lives in the mountains and on the stunning campsites and pitches in the Hunsrück you are right in the middle of it! The wonderful nature of the low mountain range attracts many nature-loving vacationers to the campsites of Rhineland-Palatinate every year. A special highlight in the Hunsrück is the 360-meter-long and 100-meter-high suspension rope bridge Geierlay from which you can marvel at the dreamlike scenery of the Hunsrück. Find the most beautiful campsites in the Hunsrück now!

Campsites on the River in Rhineland-Palatinate – Middle Rhine, Eifel and Moselle

Rhineland-Palatinate is an extremely scenic state, home to the romantic Middle Rhine Valley, the Eifel and Germany's most impressive river landscape, the Moselle Valley. Even the Romans appreciated this area, while today numerous campsites, charming towns with historic wineries, appealing half-timbered houses and old noble estates attract campers to the region. The Moselle Valley can be explored just as wonderfully on the bicycle and hiking trails as on board an excursion boat. The Volcanic Eifel Nature and Geopark attracts visitors with its untouched nature and impressive photo motifs. The characteristic natural landscape delights with the typical Eifel maars, volcanic lakes and extinct volcanoes. Find the most beautiful campsites in the Eifel and the best campsites on the Moselle!

Exciting Activities while Camping in Rhineland-Palatinate

See you soon on a Castle Tour!

In the diverse landscape campers will find countless attractions that are worth a visit. A special highlight are the well-preserved castles that tower along the Rhine. These are one of the reasons why UNESCO has declared the Upper Middle Rhine Valley a World Heritage Site. The 12th-century Marksburg Castle, which has never been destroyed throughout its long history, is particularly impressive. During the course of a guided tour, which leads into many areas of the fortress, guests gain a unique insight into the world of the Middle Ages. Not on a river, but in the middle of a secluded valley lies Eltz Castle. The building, reminiscent of a fairy-tale castle, is amongst Germany's most famous castles due to its unique location and precious treasury.

Get active Hiking & Cycling in Rhineland Palatinate!

If you love camping, you also love nature. Here in Rhineland-Palatinate it is particularly stunning so hop on your bike or lace up your hiking boots! There is one of the most beautiful federal states to discover. The good campsites in Rhineland-Palatinate are the ideal starting point for extended bike tours or exciting hikes. With a total of around 16,000 km of cycling paths and 12,000 km of hiking trails, no wishes are left unfulfilled here. Use the filter function on this website to find the campsite or pitch that is best-suited to your preferences and directly book your camping vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Indulge in the Pleasures of Wine Tasting!

Along the Moselle idyllic vineyards lie nestled in the beautiful landscape. With great love, the winemakers harvest the best grapes from the steep slopes along the river every year. The results are world-class wines - Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen or Brauneberger Juffer. In Germany's oldest wine region, the quality of the Riesling, Müller-Thurgau or Elbling grapes is always appreciated. Campers especially enjoy the many wine and street festivals to taste the delicious wines. In addition, specialties from the region are serverd: marc meat, Muselfish or Gräwes. In front of the camper on the loved pitch, a regional wine tastes even twice as good, so raise your glasses!

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