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All About Camping in Normandy

Normandy is one of the most fascinating regions of France, delighting campers with its natural beauty, charming villages and rich history. Below, we reveal the most popular activities and the most beautiful holiday destinations and places to visit in Normandy.

So pack up your tent, hook up the caravan or get your camper ready, because now we're heading for Normandy!

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The Most Popular Activities in Normandy

Camping La Gallouette, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, Camping Normandy, Campsites Normandy, Camping France
Camping La Gallouette, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Cycling in Normandy: Enchanting Routes

Normandy is a paradise for cyclists and offers numerous routes for all levels of difficulty. One of the most beautiful cycle routes is the "Véloroute du Lin ", which runs along the coast and through picturesque villages and river valleys.

Don't forget to pack your bike or rent one locally to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

Camping Les Falaises, Saint-Pierre-en-Port, Camping Normandy, Campsites Normandy, Camping France
Camping Les Falaises, Saint-Pierre-en-Port

Culinary Normandy:

A Pleasure for Gourmets

Normandy is known for its delicious regional specialities. Take the opportunity to visit the local markets where you can buy fresh products such as cheese, seafood and cider.

A special highlight is the Camembert, which has its origins in Normandy. Enjoy a picnic on the beach or at the campsite and let yourself be mesmerised by the culinary delights of the region.

Adventures in Normandy: Sailing, Surfing and Experiences in Nature.

For the adventurous camping enthusiasts, Normandy offers a wide range of outdoor activities. You can enjoy sailing, surfing or kayaking on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or discover the untouched nature of the regional Nature Park Normandy-Maine on a hike.

Many campsites in Normandy also offer opportunities for fishing, horse riding and golfing.

The Most Beautiful Destinations in Normandy

Les Castels - Château de Martragny, Moulins en Bessin, Camping Normandie, Campingplätze Normandie, Camping Frankreich
Les Castels - Château de Martragny, Moulins en Bessin

Étretat: Majestic Cliffs and a Charming Village.

One of the most impressive natural wonders of Normandy are the cliffs of Étretat. The spectacular limestone cliffs rise majestically from the sea and provide a stunning backdrop for long walks and photo opportunities.

Also visit the charming village of Étretat, where you will find numerous small shops, cafés and restaurants. Parking for your camper van is available at the edge of the village, from where you can explore the town perfectly on foot.

Mont-Saint-Michel: Historic Charme Between Ebb and Flow.

Mont-Saint-Michel is one of France's most famous sights and an absolute must on a camping holiday in Normandy. This fascinating island with its impressive abbey is accessible on foot during low tide. Take the opportunity to explore the twisting alleys and historic buildings. And let yourself be enchanted by the medieval charm.

Don't forget to reserve a pitch at one of the campsites nearby in advance, as the pitches here are in high demand.

Charm of Normandy: Small Ports and Historical Treasures.

Normandy is known for its picturesque towns and villages that invite you to wander and explore. Visit the charming Honfleur with its scenic harbour, the half-timbered town of Rouen with its impressive cathedral or historic Bayeux with its famous tapestry.

In many of these places, you will find campsites nearby that serve as a starting point for your expeditions.

Camping Omaha Beach, Vierville-sur-Mer, Camping Normandy, Campsites Normandy, Camping France
Camping Omaha Beach, Vierville-sur-Mer

Beaches of Normandy:

Nature meets History

Normandy is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are ideal for long walks, picnics and water sports. Particularly noteworthy are Omaha and Utah Beach, which were the site of the Allied landings during World War II.

Here you can visit the impressive memorials and numerous museums that commemorate the historic events. The perfect spot for campers who are interested in history and like to spend time by the sea.

Normandy: Gardens, Castles and Historical Glamour

Normandy is also known for its beautiful gardens, which invite you to relax and hang around. For example, visit the botanical garden of Vauville, which houses an impressive collection of exotic plants, or the park of the Canon Castle, which will enchant you with its romantic water features and expansive lawns. These gardens are a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are also many beautiful, nature-based campsites.

Normandy is also rich in magnificent châteaus that bear witness to the region's long history. Visit the impressive Castle of Caen, built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, or the Castle of Carrouges, considered one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in Normandy. Many castles offer guided tours where you can learn more about the history and architecture of the buildings.

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Normandy is a dream destination for campers looking for adventure, cultural impressions and breathtaking landscapes. With its variety of activities and sights, the region offers something for everyone and guarantees unforgettable experiences. If you like to combine your camping holiday with horse riding, fishing or countless other activities by the water, Normandy is the place to be.

Whether camping with the family, romantically as a couple or alone, the region promises an unforgettable camping holiday by the sea. With the filter function you can search and find campsites that suit your preferences. Book one of the free campsites in Normandy now

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