Tent Camping - The Most Beautiful Campsites for Camping with a Tent

Family-Resort Kleinenzhof, Baden-Württemberg
Camping at the Family-Resort Kleinenzhof in Baden-Württemberg

Easy, affordable, adventurous and simply beautiful – for all in-TENTS and purposes, camping is everything that counts!

Many campsites offer an additional grassy tent area, most of the time located slightly away from the plots for motorhomes or caravans and especially idyllic. We show you on which of the popular campsites in Europe you can best pitch your tent and give tips for your camping holiday in a tent. You can even book many of the presented campsites directly on camping.info, securing your spot under the starry night sky with just a few clicks.

  1. Popular Campsites for Tent Camping in Europe
  2. Your Packing List for Camping with a Tent
  3. 10 Typical Mistakes when Tent Camping
  4. 8 Top Tips for a Tent Holiday
  5. All About Camping with a Tent

Popular Places for Tent Camping in Europe

tent camping, camping at the sea at camping Klausdorfer Beach at Fehmarn
Camping by the sea at Camping Klausdorfer Beach on Fehmarn

Tent Camping in Germany

Tent Camping in Austria

Tent Camping in Switzerland

Tent Camping in the Netherlands

Tent Camping in Italy

Tent Camping in Croatia

Tent Camping in France

Tent Camping in Scandinavia

Camping Hardausee, On camping.info you'll find special places for tent camping, search, camping with tent
Camping at Camping Feddet in Denmark

More Campsites for Tent Camping

throughout Europe

You are looking for more beautiful places, which are especially suitable for Camping with a tent? We think that no one can make better recommendations than the campers themselves.

With the filter "Suitable for campers with tents" you will find a great selection of places all over Europe that have been rated very well by other campers especially for tent camping.

Discover Tent Camping in Europe

8 Top Tips for your Tenting Vacation

1. Gear and Equiqment plan: Think in advance, what equipment you need and pack everything carefully. Also, don't forget to bring enough food and water.

2. Check provisions: If the way to the supermarket is too far or the local mini-market is too expensive, you should either get your provisions before arriving at the campsite or plan for the time needed to run the errands. Tip: Simple camping recipes for the gas stove in front of the tent can be found on our topic page "Camping Recipes" .

3. Also pack for bad weather: Sun, rain, wind? Or all of the above? Check the weather forecast to be prepared for sudden weather changes. Also feel free to pack warm clothes in case it gets chilly at night. Even if the weather forecast says otherwise, it pays to be prepared for rain and storms. Freezing on a camping vacation or not having a change of clothes is definitely not fun.

4. Choose a Good Campsite: If you have found the right place for camping with tent, make sure that the ground is level, there are no depressions and the tent is pitched on a dry spot. Also, your spot for your tent should not be too close to a river or stream to avoid flooding. By the way - If you pitch your tent somewhere in the pampas without permission, you will face heavy fines. Wild camping is not allowed.

5. Pitch the Tent Correctly: Read the tent manufacturer's instructions carefully and pitch the tent accordingly. Make sure all pegs are firmly anchored in the ground to be prepared for any weather condition. If you want to be on the safe side, a test pitch in your own garden will help.

6. Keep Order in the Tent: Order is half the battle - right? Not so easy, especially when you're traveling with the whole family. The best way to keep order in your tent is to pack everything in clear boxes for stacking. Likewise, there are handy duffel bags with transparent windows.

7. Behave Respectfully: Be considerate of other campers and the environment. Avoid loud music, respect the campsite rules and leave everything as you found it.

8. Pay Attention to Safety: Pay attention to your own safety and that of your fellow campers. Lock the tent with a small lock and always take the most important valuables with you when you leave the campsite.

5 Things Tent Campers Should Know

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