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Albania - one of the most beautiful and pristine but also one of the poorest countries of the Balkans. The "land of the eagle sons" lies between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Discover the undisturbed western edge of the Balkan Peninsula between Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece. Albania is known as the most affordable holiday destination in Europe. 50% pure mountain country, 300 days of sun every year and the tempting price-performance ratio now attract over 4 million tourists a year to the largely undiscovered Balkan region. The country is now also on the rise when it comes to camping - with nature campsites and family campsites on the Albanian coast. We present you the most beautiful destinations for camping in Albania.

The Most Beautiful Destinations for Campers in Albania

Northern Albania: For Passionate Hikers

Do you love pristine nature and want to spend as much of your holiday as possible in the mountains? The Albanian Alps in the north of the country are a big draw for campers who love to hike. The area has many gorgeous and diverse landscapes, including mountain ranges, ancient towns, and enormous wooded areas in 14 national parks. On the traditional campsites in the middle of untouched nature you can enjoy the authentic Albania directly from your motorhome. Discover the best campsites in Northern Albania now.

Southern Albania: Soak up the Sun on the Albanian Riviera

The coast in the south-western part of the country is very popular: The Albanian Riviera stretches 360 km from Sarandë up to Vlorë, where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic. Go out on the hunt for hidden bays, lonely beaches, and small villages; you’ll find them in the most surprising places! Getting to the bays can often be a challenge, as you take shepherds’ paths, passing by goats and sheep, and make your way down trampled paths that go through idyllic landscapes. When you get to the beach, though, you’ll have it all to yourself! Discover the best campsites on the Albanian Riviera now

Around the Capital: Inland Camping

Albania’s capital Tirana is bursting with socialist style, grey prefabs and modern buildings designed by wild architects. And there’s even more to discover than you might think at first. Get inspired by this city on the move, full of energy as it turns its back on the once-communist regime of the past. The Balkans really know how to surprise you! The Butrint National Park, not far from Ksamil, is also worth a visit, as ist Berat, the City of a Thousand Windows, in the center of Albania. Find the best campsites in Tirana now on

Campsites in Albania

Albania isn't a completely new insider tip as a camping destination. A lot has happened in terms of tourism especially in the camping sector. A large variety of campsites welcomes families, couples and also solo-campers. Compared to its northern neighbours, Albania is a rather poor country, which you will notice as soon as you cross the border. The Albanians, however, are very interested in tourists, especially in the rural areas, and like to invite you for food and drink - even if they don't have much. This hospitality is also evident at the campsites, where there is often a family-like, happy atmosphere. However, anyone looking for complete comfort is at the wrong address when camping in Albania. The campsites are usually smaller and more simply equipped than in other European countries. Those looking for an authentic experience in the midst of unspoilt nature will certainly find what they are looking for in Albania. Use the filter function on our website now to find the perfect campsite in Albania and book your dream holiday!

What Campers Should Know about Camping in Albania

Watch Out: Mountains!

Around 50% of Albanian territory is mountainous, reaching heights over 600 m. Streets are often made up of rough dirt paths, so make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge before you head out on your adventure.

Be Careful Behind the Wheel

When you’re driving in Albania, you should be extra careful. The locals see driving regulations more as suggestions, so their risk tolerance is also higher than most. If anything should happen, call 129 for the police and 126 for an emergency doctor.

Ease up!

The speed limits are relatively strict in Albania. In built-up areas, the limit is 40 km/h. Outside built-up areas, it increases to 70 km/h. When driving on the motorway, cars can drive up to 110 km/h, but if you’re travelling by motorhome, the speed limit is 90 km/h.

3 Things Campers in Albania Should Know

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