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What Campers Should Know About Camping in Andorra

The mini-state of Andorra is perfect for a camping holiday any time of year: Summers are warm, but not hot, and winters are cold and snowy. Many campsites are open all year round and are located either on a lake or at the base of a mountain. With these locations, nothing stands in the way of a summer holiday with fun in the water and mountain hikes, or exciting ski trips in the winter. Many sites are close to nature, but that doesn't mean that campers can't enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city: Campsites are typically within walking distance or well-connected to the city centre. Let us show you some of the best campsites in Andorra.

Heed the Speed Limit

Drivers must not drive faster than 40 km/h in built-up areas in Andorra. Motorhomes and cars with caravans are limited to 90 km/h outside of built-up areas.

Travelling with Animals

Andorra’s entry requirements for pets are the same as Spain’s: They require a European Pet Passport for your pet, complete with the animal’s tattoo and/or microchip number as well as vaccination records and its owner information. Generally speaking, all animals need an electronic microchip or an identifying tattoo. They also must have the anti-rabies vaccination: It may not be older than 12 months and must have been administered at least four weeks before departure. If your pet is less than three months old, they may travel without the vaccination, but a certification that they are not a wild animal is required. Before you leave on holiday, check the exact regulations of your travel destination: Some places do not provide entry to certain dog breeds.

Drinking and Driving

The drink-drive limit in Andorra is 0.05% (50 mg). For the safety of yourself and others, you should avoid alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.