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Relatively unknown and surrounded by Italy, lies the charming charming microstate San Marino. With an area of just 61km2, it's not only one of the smallest states on earth, it's also the oldest. San Marino can score with its eventful and extensive history, which goes back to the year 301.

If you want to experience a breathtaking view of the entire microstate and the entire Italian Adriatic Coast, you should leave the campsite and visit the three medieval fortresses on the peaks of the Monte Titano ridge. Although the small Republic only consists of the eponymous capital San Marino and eight villages, it is worth a visit when camping. Strolling through the rustic valleys of San Marino's old town is also worthwhile: Here you will find souvenir shops and many small boutiques that invite you to browse. Among the cute shops you will also find two landmarks of the capital - the Basilica di San Marino and the Palazzo Pubblico. Thanks to the microstate's close proximity to the Italian coast, you can also combine a camping holiday in San Marino with camping by the sea in Italy.

The Most Beautiful Destinations when Camping in San Marino

Centro Storico Di San Marino

From the campsite into the hustle and bustle: The centre of the small but beautiful Old Town of San Marino is the Piazza della Libertà with the Statue of Liberty. Here you will not only find the Palazzo Pubblico, which is used as the capital's town hall as well as the seat of government and parliament. Inside the palazzo, visitors can admire the gorgeous medieval architectural style of the building as well as numerous paintings of famous personalities. Camping and shopping? Of course! The Centro Storico also has a lot to offer for shopping lovers. If you like to stroll through small winding streets with an Italian ice cream in your hand, you will feel right at home in the centre of San Marino. Because apart from the typical tourist souvenir shops, there are also numerous cute boutiques that are worth a visit. San Marino's old town skilfully combines relaxation, culture and architecture, so you will definitely find just the right thing for your camping holiday here.

Guaita Tower - Camping with impressive views over San Marino.

At 750 metres above sea level, the Rocca Guaita offers a fantastic panoramic view over the Italian Adriatic coast. Even though San Marino doesn't have its own stretch of coastline, this view from the Guaita Tower gives you a feeling of camping by the sea. And who knows: with a bit of luck, you might even be able to spot your campsite from up there! The Guaita Tower is one of three fortress towers that adorn the top of Mount Titano. During your camping visit to San Marino, don't miss the impressive panoramic view from the Guaita Tower and the impressive castle itself!

Sports activities while camping in the microstate of San Marino

If you want to do some sport besides camping, San Marino is the right place for you. Due to San Marino's manageable size, the capital can be explored very well on foot. If you want to walk around the city and the three towers, you should pack comfortable shoes and be prepared to get out of breath due to the sometimes large differences in altitude. In addition, the entire region offers a variety of sporting activities. Not only can you swing a racket on one of the many tennis courts or on the golf course, but you can also go on bike tours through the fairytale-like, hilly landscape of San Marino before taking a well-deserved break at the campsite. For families, an excursion to the High Ropes Course San Marino Adventures is also particularly suitable. Here the kids can really let off steam at dizzying heights and catch a great view of the surroundings.

Camping with cultural enrichment of the Museums of San Marino.

From campsite to museum - San Marino has a lot to offer. Apart from a State and Weapons Museum, the capital also has some curious collections, including the Museo Della Tortura and the Museo Delle Curiosità. While in the Torture Museum you'll get creepy insights into various torture methods and objects, in the Museo Delle Curiosità you'll find a colourful mix of unique exhibits. This small museum in the centre of San Marino has an extraordinary collection made up of figures that have set strange world records and objects that seem bizarre because we would never use them today. Wooden nappy and rocking bathtub? Sounds strange, but they actually exist! So if you want to explore a different kind of museum, you should definitely put the Museo Della Tortura and the Museo Delle Curiosità high on your list for your camping holiday in San Marino!

Borgo Maggiore - small village at the foot of Monte Titano.

The inconspicuous village of Borgo Maggiore was one of the most important trading centres of San Marino in earlier times. Even today, the village is still a well-known market town: On Thursdays, a traditional market takes place in the main square. Incidentally, the historic centre of the village has also been part of the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the microstate of San Marino since 2008. With its location at the foot of Mount Titano, Borgo Maggiore is also the perfect starting point for sporty hikes in the mountainous terrain. If you don't suffer from vertigo and are not afraid of heights, you can take the cable car from Borgo Maggiore to the capital of San Marino. The cable car is about 1,500 metres long and the ride from the foot of the mountain to the top (or vice versa) takes only about three minutes.

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