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What Campers Should Know about Camping in Ireland

Keep to the Left

Depending on where you come from, driving on the left side of the road might be a bit of an adjustment for you, but you’ll get it in no time! Just remember to overtake on the right, drive in the left lane and go clockwise in roundabouts, and be sure to yield to vehicles entering in on your right. Note that there isn’t a general rule of thumb for who gets right of way, either; the right of way is indicated at each intersection.

Make Reservations during Peak Season

If you want to be sure you’ll get a pitch at your favourite campsite in July and August, you should book in advance. You probably won’t need a reservation outside of peak season. As in some other countries, many campsites take a winter break, so double-check opening times before you head out on the road.

Get an Adapter

Irish electricity runs at 220 V, but they use British plugs. Make sure you have the right adapter for your electronic devices.

Twists and Turns: Winding Roads

The roads along the coast are typically windy and sometimes narrow. That’s why the average speed limit is around 65 km/h: Keep that in mind when planning your route.

One Destination, Two Languages

Most of the street signs and traffic signs in Ireland are written in two languages: English and Irish (sometimes also called “Gaelic”). Don’t let the two languages confuse you, and always double-check the name of your destination because in some parts of western Ireland, you’ll only find signs in Irish.

Don’t Park on Yellow

When you see a yellow line on the side of the road, know that it means no parking.