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Ireland is not called "the green island " for nothing: The country is a dream destination for campers who love pure nature! Lush greenery as far as the eye can see, rugged cliffs, secluded beaches and beautiful routes along the coast will make your RV trip unforgettable. For example, how about a road trip along the west coast on the Wild Atlantic Way? The impressive landscapes in the country's interior and the numerous sights on the east coast will also inspire younger and older camping enthusiasts. Thanks to cities like Dublin, Cork or Galway, the island is also a worthwhile destination for campers who need a little urban flair now and then. The campsites of Ireland especially impress with their beautiful location and thanks to you will always find the right place for your dream vacation in Ireland. We present you the most beautiful destinations for camping in Ireland.

The Most Beautiful Destinations for Camping in Ireland

Camping at Waterford

You love everything that glitters and shines? Head to Waterford, where the Waterford Crystal crystal factory awaits you. For generations, dreamlike glass and crystal goods have been produced here in the traditional way. The factory can and should be visited and if you are still missing the perfect souvenirs you will surely find them here. Find the best campsites near Waterford now.

Camping in Dublin

Now it's time to say: Let's go to the capital! In Dublin you can expect colorful, diverse life, art, culture and also some student life. Trinity College is not only a renowned historical university, but also one of the most famous sights in Dublin. Who says, camping vacations can't educate you, is wrong. Here on you can find the best campsites in Dublin.

Camping in Kilkenny

You love medieval atmosphere and strong beer? We have an insider tip! The city of Kilkenny is waiting for you in the southeast of Ireland with the impressive Kilkenny Castle and the dark Kilkenny beer, which means enjoyment for all senses. It is also especially nice to stroll through the winding streets and alleys of the city and be inspired by the arts and crafts. You can find the best Campsites in Kilkenny here on

Campsites in Ireland

If you are looking for a campsite in Ireland you will not despair or be on the road for a long time, because there are campsites all over the island. Many of these campsites in Ireland belong to "The Irish Caravan and Camping Council ". Often the campsites are the perfect starting point for day trips, depending on the location into nature or to historical sights like the Viking towns Kilkenny or Waterford. You would rather experience the coast? Then you're on the right track in Ireland on the "Wild Atlantic Way", where numerous campsites with dreamy Atlantic views also await you. If you are traveling with children or dog, many campsites are also well designed for them. Here at you can use the filter function to find the ideal campsite for your dream vacation in Ireland.

What Campers Should Know about Camping in Ireland

Keep to the Left

Depending on where you come from, driving on the left side of the road might be a bit of an adjustment for you, but you’ll get it in no time! Just remember to overtake on the right, drive in the left lane and go clockwise in roundabouts, and be sure to yield to vehicles entering in on your right. Note that there isn’t a general rule of thumb for who gets right of way, either; the right of way is indicated at each intersection.

Get an Adapter

Irish electricity runs at 220 V, but they use British plugs. Make sure you have the right adapter for your electronic devices.

Twists and Turns: Winding Roads

The roads along the coast are typically windy and sometimes narrow. That’s why the average speed limit is around 65 km/h: Keep that in mind when planning your route.

One Destination, Two Languages

Most of the street signs and traffic signs in Ireland are written in two languages: English and Irish (sometimes also called “Gaelic”). Don’t let the two languages confuse you, and always double-check the name of your destination because in some parts of western Ireland, you’ll only find signs in Irish.

Don’t Park on Yellow

When you see a yellow line on the side of the road, know that it means no parking.

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