image Beginner’s Guide

Tips for Your First Holiday on a Campsite

September 27, 2023

Are you craving adventure? Do you dream of finally revelling in freedom by spending your holidays in a tent or camper? Are you sick of lacklustre hotel rooms and breakfast that ends at 9 A.M. sharp? Then head to the campsite and let your camping adventure begin! We’ve put together a few tips to guarantee your first holiday on a campsite is a breeze. The best part about it all? You can personalise your trip to suit your wants and needs because camping is what you make of it!

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9 Tips for Sustainable Camping

September 27, 2023

No matter if you prefer roughing it on a wild camping adventure or being pampered while glamping, some of the best things about camping are free, such as getting away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoying earth’s beautiful and diverse landscapes. Just because it’s free, though, doesn’t mean that camping doesn’t sometimes come at a cost — not only to your wallet but to the planet, too. Thankfully, there are some pretty simple changes we can all make to reduce these environmental costs and to make camping more eco-friendly and sustainable. In many cases, these changes will even help save you money! Here are nine tips you can use on your next trip.

image Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Camping Toilets

September 25, 2023

Touring in a motorhome or caravan has plenty of upsides: You can support yourself and be spontaneous when deciding where to spend the night. To truly make this type of travel a first-class experience, you’ll want to have a toilet on board. And to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your first trip, we’ll explain how the emptying and cleaning process works and everything else you might need to know about cassette toilets.

image Eco-Friendly Camping

Sustainable Travel - 8 Tips for an environmentally friendly Camping Vacation

January 13, 2023

RV camping is your passion but you sometimes worry about your carbon footprint? You don’t have to. There are a few things you can do to protect the environment while being on the road. In this article we will share 8 simple tips on how to travel in a sustainable way – from booking the right motorhome to finding a sustainable campsite.

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Camping on the Cheap: 8 Easy Ways to Save Money While Camping

November 17, 2019

Camping is one of the most affordable ways to go on holiday. Even so, the cost of leisure activities and living expenses can accumulate in a blink of an eye without you even knowing where that money went. To help make sure your holiday won’t cost more than necessary, we’ve put together this list so you know where you can save on your next camping trip.

image Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Winterising Your Camper

November 12, 2019

For many campers, the touring season ends when the leaves on the trees begin to change colour, and the temperatures start to sink. You should winterise your motorhome before the first frost, around the end of October at the latest, so it’s sure to survive the colder seasons unscathed. It’s no easy task, and we’ve put together this checklist for you to make sure you don’t forget anything.

image Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Water Tanks

October 29, 2019

For many campers, always being able to have your own kitchen, shower, and toilet with you in a motorhome is a real luxury! When the level indicator on the wastewater tank is red, and the freshwater supply is running dry, though, it’s time to head to the next motorhome service station. Don’t worry, though! You'll empty your motorhome’s wastewater tank and fill your freshwater tank in the blink of an eye. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about filling and emptying the tanks.

image Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids: The Complete Packing List for a Family Holiday

April 8, 2019

Everything is more exciting with kids, and bringing little ones along can turn camping into a real adventure (again). It’s not unusual for new parents to panic a bit when preparing for their first trip with their child in tow: What do we need? Are we sure we haven’t forgotten anything? Did you pack the teddy bear? … Our family holiday packing list is specifically designed to ensure a smooth start to your trip when you go camping with young children.

image Camping with Dogs

Travelling with Pets in Europe

April 4, 2019

A camping holiday is practically made for dog and cat owners — where else could your beloved furry friend get so much fresh air? Only a little bureaucratic business stands between you and international adventures with your four-legged friend: The European Pet Passport is obligatory for all pet owners who plan on bringing their pet on a trip abroad. In this article, we’ll tackle all the important questions you may have about the blue passport.