First Camp Hökensås-Tidaholm


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First Camp Hökensås outside of Tidaholm is the dream holiday spot for those who like nature, fishing and hiking. The camping site is beautifully located in a national park by the beach of lake Vättern. The area is very popular …to fish trout and rainbow trout in. Try your fishing luck, enjoy the sun and a swim, go pick mushrooms or why not try skiing? Here the whole family can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and the calming activities all year around. With about 30 lakes amongst the hills and ridges Hökensås offers amazing fishing opportunities all year around. You will catch the most fish during spring and fall when the water isn’t too warm. In the winter, when the water has turned to ice, jigging is very popular amongst our guests. In connection to the the camping site there is several walking trails and when the season is right you will find plenty of mushrooms and berries in the forest. On the camping site you will also find a mini golf course and big areas for activities such as ball sports and boules. For the youngest members of the family there is also a popular playground on site. If you feel like going on a day trip the city of Tidaholm with its unique boutiques and nice cafés is only 15 kilometers away. If you wish to explore more of Västergötland you can also visit Hjo, the famous wooden church in Habo, the castle of Karlsborg and of course Göta kanal.
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01. January - 31. December




Håkängen 1
522 91 Tidaholm
GPS koordinate
Lat 58.098044, Long 14.074366
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First Camp Hökensås-Tidaholm

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