Geheime Welt von Turisede - Kulturinsel Einsiedel

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An insider’s tip for all those sparing no efforts to gain a special experience… Between Dresden and the Giant Mountains, where the picturesque landscapes of the Polish-Czech-German border triangle melt … with small cities and traditional villages, stress and everyday-life are quickly left behind. People are open-hearted and life gets easier with every meter your journey takes you eastwards. Directly at the heart of this region called “Lausitz”, you’ll find the Kulturinsel Einsiedel… an adventure leisure park within an exceptional, border-crossing holiday area made up of different exciting providers for leisure time experiences. Already the location of this “culture island” is special. A floating jetty on the burbling border river Neisse connects the “green curled” adventure wilderness with the scenic neighbouring “adventure village” Bielawa Dolna in Poland. A buffalo flat share (with goat maze), seemingly endless forests, splashing waters, roaring deers and timidly sneaking wolves… back to nature! Your way to the „eremites“ is not only an experience of deceleration but also a journey back into childhood. Our leisure park contradicts all common clichés: a paradise for those seeking special experiences, substituting roller coasters, chips and glitter for real adventure! The adventure wilderness is an unusual oasis on five hectares, where art and culture meet nature. Expect the unexpected amongst 500 metres of secret passages underground, a magic castle, funky animals and the lost culture of Turisedia. Amidst this labyrinth of crazy ideas, children and parents dive into worlds fascinating like virtual ones – yet real and big enough to keep your mouth open for more than one day. That’s why Germany’s first Tree House Hotel (and possibly the most beautiful and imaginative one in all of Europe) offers overnight stays you surely won’t forget. Besides the eight highly coveted tree houses, we offer “tree beds” (you won’t get to nature any closer than this!), a big “earth house”, “forest village” (cosy tent alcoves), big Turisedian tents for groups and a small campsite for tents and caravans. When the sun has set over the heart of the “ZentralLausitz”, you shouldn’t miss to visit our dinner show in the “Krönum” (the fascinating contorted old Turisedian coronation hall) – another delightful, unique experience (in summer 5 days a week!) The groovy Music and the summertime-feeling of our Folklorum-Festival in summer are another good reason for visiting.
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Geheime Welt von Turisede - Kulturinsel Einsiedel

01.04. - 31.10.