TÚrkeve Termál Kemping

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The most significant natural resource of the city is the healing water. In the spa, which uses natural healing water, there are therapeutic services in modern circumstances. The water is … exceedingly suitable for curing cutaneous diseases, gynecological, rheumatic, and arthritic illnesses and for rehabilitation after operations as well. In the spa you can find outdoor bubbly pools and indoor bubbly pools as well guaranteeing your healing throughout the year. On the outdoor field of the spa there is: a swimmingpool, a kiddy pool for the children, an outdoor adventure bath with a slide and waterfootball pool, a golf course and a tennis court too. Wellness services: refreshing massage – foot massage – aromatic relax massage for the face and de’collette’ – cellulitis treatment with strong red pepper cream – refreshing massage with healing cream – vital massage – pedicure manicure – aerobic – aqua fitness – BEMER treatment to feel better – Bioptron-lamp treatment – Sauna…etc. Medical Water Contents (mg/l): Natrium 1.166 ; Hidrogen-Carbonat 2.648 ; Kalium 13,6 Klorid 172 ; Ammonium 17,4 ; Sulfat 35 ; Kalcium 4,4 Sulfid 4,6 ; Magnesium 6,0 H-5420 Túrkeve, Kuthen király street 11. Tel.:+36 56/361-534, Tel./fax:+36 56/361-313 t e r m a l @ e x t e r n e t . h u w w w . t u r k e v e t e r m a l . h u *** THERMALIA APARTMAN CAMPING-BUNGALOW The apartman „Thermalia” is located very near next to the Spa. On the almost two- hectare landscaped area you can find 10 full board apartments and a roofed common place. In each apartman there are two sleepingrooms, a livingroom, a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. Each apartman has 3+2 beds. Open: throughout the year Services: - Free entrance to the Spa - Free usage of the sauna - Interet for free - Guarded parking place - Barbecue facilities…etc. The Camping „Thermal” is located very near to the Spa. The accomodation fee includes the entrance to the Spa as well. The Camping is open from 1. April till 31. November. For guests whom arriving by car, are bungallows available on the area of Camping. H-5420 Túrkeve, Kuthen király street 11. Tel. (04.01.-10.31.): +36 56/362-608 Tel. (11.01.-03.31.): +36 56/361-534 Tel./Fax. (Iroda): +36 56/361-313 t e r m a l @ e x t e r n e t . h u w w w . t u r k e v e t e r m a l . h u
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TÚrkeve Termál Kemping

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