Domaine de la Velle

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Domaine de la Velle is located in a hilly area with vast forests, vineyards, meadows and fields, a rural area with no mass tourism. In the locality you will find … ancient towns, villages and hamlets, where the population is welcoming and friendly. The old farm, cottage and camping are set on 4.5 hectares of undulating land which you are free to explore. You can enjoy the peace and tranquillity here and/or combine it with trips to various tourist attractions. Think of caves, canoeing, charming towns and cities etc.. The houses have a characteristic architectural style of the Quercy region and are made of local ochre limestone. Also built of this limestone are the low walls and ancient stone shepherds huts, used for shelter and named gariottes or cazelles, which you encounter everywhere in the landscape. On our Domaine you find our Gite le Fournil, named after the ancient bread oven, and a small campsite for 6 places. From 2015, two luxury safari lodge tents with private facilities will also be available to rent. During high season, we bake pizzas once a week In our old bread oven and on Mondays and Wednesdays, you can enjoy our tables d'hôte menu. Daily from 5 pm you can also order fries etc.. At Domaine de la Velle we have wifi at your disposal.
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Domaine de la Velle