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  • Darba laiks: 01.05 - 30.09, 01.10 - 30.04 - pašlaik darbojas
  • Adrese: Rruga Gjirokaster-Valare, 6013 Topullaraj,Gjirokaster, Albānija - Parādīt kartē
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Camping Gjirokaster is managed by a family. Here you will feel comfortable and secure. Camping Gjirokaster is situated on 2nd km of the road Gjirokaster-Valare. The campsite is oriented north east- south west and has no buildings around,exept our house … and our traditional bar-restaurant. The city of Gjirokastra is two kilometers away. At the entrance of the city you find a buss station with connections to all big cities of Albania and the main cities of Greece. Our campsite is sorrounded from grapes on west and from our wine cellar on east. Next to the campsite our family owns 1 ha of grapes. In the centre of the campsite we have trees and grass. The campsite is lightened by night with small lightbulbs. We have 20 pitches,all of them have access to electricity. The landscape is beautiful,in front of the campsite is the ‘’Wide Mountain’’,the valley of Drino river, the Castle and the view of the city of Gjirokaster. You can enjoy the sunset and by night the opened sky full of stars and the moon. On our bar-restaurant we cook traditional recipies,with albanian products such as meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs, teas ect. We give importance to healthy and secure products, naturally grown and especially regional products. We cook a daily menu.Everyday is different from the next day,the same way we cook on our kitchen for our family. We are price-quality convinient.Here you can have breakfast,lunch and dinner sorrounded by fresh and pure air, grass,trees and flowers. Your evening is made by candles,stars and the moon. Next to the campsite we have 1ha of grapes. So here you can taste our grape,wine and raki made by us in the traditional albanian technique. On our campsite we have a small market,we provide fresh bread also. On south-west direction of our campsite, only 2 km away is the city of Gjirokaster.There is the first supermarket and different shops. On north direction,in Topullaraj village,only 500 m away is another traditional restaurant. On the campsite we have brand-new toilets and showers which are build on May,2016. We have 4 toilets, 2 sinks for washing hands and face and two showers with warm water available 24/24 h. The shower-room is divided with a door from the toilets. Inside the shower-room we have a sink,a mirror, towel-hanger, clothes-hanger and electricity. We clean the toilets and the showers every day. Outside the toilets we have sinks for washing dishes and clothes,with warm water. We have also a washing machine and drying stands for wet clothes. Our campsite is only 4 km away from the old city were you can visit our castle, museums, museum-houses of ancient famous families of Gjirokaster,museum-houses of our dictator Enver Hoxha and our well known author Ismail Kadare, bars,shops ect. Our campsite is right next to the Gjirokaster-Valare road,which is a two lane rural road. You can walk,run or bike through it. Our campsite is quiet so you can practise yoga. Our campsite is only 200 m away from a opened swimming pool and only 5 km away from Viroi lake. In cooperation with a group named Explore Gjirokastra ( you can follow them on facebook ) we organise every weekend tours to explore archeological sites (we have a lot of them very near) ancient churches,also mosques and teqe (religious buildings of bektashi believers) and beautiful nature around Gjirokaster. We organise groups who are interested in watching and tasting our raki and wine right here,on our campsite. We organise groups who are interested in harvesting cherries,grapes,plums. We organise groups also in planting vegetable seedlings,hoeing weeds,collecting chicken eggs ect. We organise groups who are interested in watching or learning how to cook albanian recipies right here,on our campsite. We practise evening meetings to talk with our visitors (of course for those who are interested),to share experiences with each other. You are welcome to use our free wi-fi.
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Sezona 5,00 €*
Nesezona 5,00 €*
*Divi pieaugušie, karavāna, automašīna, elektrība un vietējie nodokļi par vienu nakti
Darba laiks
01. maijs - 30. septembris
01. oktobris - 30. aprīlis

Atrašanās vieta

Gjirokastra is a city in southern Albania. Its old town is part of UNESCO,as a world heritage site,since 2005. Gjirokastra is situated on the ‘’Mali i gjerë’’ mountain,in front of it is Drino valley.The old city of Gjirokastër and its … famous castle is situated aproximately 300 metres above sea level. Thus,it has a magnific landscape. Camping Gjirokaster is a secure place,only 2 km distant from the national road leading to Gjirokaster,from Saranda city (south) or from Tepelena city (north). As it is shown on the map. Camping Gjirokaster is just in side of the road Gjirokaster-Valare,2nd km. Camping Gjirokaster is only 2,5 km from the regional hospital ‘Omer Nishani’ Gjirokaster. Camping Gjirokaster is only 3 km from the regional police department. ( Trust us,you won’t need it!) So near to the city but it has no buildings around,no industrial area.You will be sorrounded by nature,pure air,fresh wind especially in the evening and during the night. Even in the hottest days you can relax by fresh evenings and fresh nights. All pitches have shadow and trees around. The campsite is managed by Juljan (financial expert) and Zhenisa Graci (a family doctor).
  • Jūra: 54 km
  • Ezers: 5 km
  • Upe: 5 km
  • Kalnos:
  • Augstums (virs jūras līmeņa): 220 m
  • Nākamā pilsēta: 2 km
  • Nākamā pilsēta / ciems: 1 km
  • Dzelzceļa stacija vai autoosta: 2 km
  • Automaģistrāles izeja: 2 km
Rruga Gjirokaster-Valare
6013 Topullaraj,Gjirokaster
GPS koordinātas
Lat 40.10122, Long 20.15043
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Camping Gjirokaster
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