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Things Campers Should Know About Camping in the Czech Republic

Don’t Go Wild Camping

Wild camping is prohibited in the Czech Republic. Spending the night in a car on a car park is not legally regulated, though; as long as this one overnight stay was necessary to keep the driver fit for driving, the police will probably not issue a fine.

Toll Fees and Toll Stickers

There are tolls on Czech motorways and on some dual carriageways. The price of the toll depends on how heavy your vehicle is. Vehicles weighing less than 3.5t must have a toll sticker placed on the inside on the windscreen. Vehicles over 3.5t must pay using electronic toll collection.


The crime rate in the Czech Republic is about the same as it is in Germany, but there are higher rates of vehicle break-ins and auto theft. You should park your vehicle at a car park with surveillance, especially if you plan to leave it there for a longer period of time. Also, be wary of fake police officers who ask you to show them your cash so they can inspect it for counterfeits. Real police officers in the Czech Republic are only allowed to check your personal information.

Signals at Train Crossings

Unlike at crossings in some other countries, where a red light goes on shortly before a train passes by, there’s an additional white light in the Czech Republic. When it blinks, it indicates the crossing’s operational readiness. You must not drive faster than 50 km/h at crossings. If two red lights blink alternately, a train is coming, and you must not drive onto the crossing.

Speed Limits

The speed limit for vehicles weighing 3.5 t is 90 km/h outside built-up areas and 130 km/h on motorways. Heavier vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t must not drive faster than 80 km/h on roads outside built-up areas and motorways. h3.Hands off the Alcohol The Czech Republic has a no-tolerance drink-drive limit. You must not have had any alcohol before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. The police are very strict, so don’t push your luck.

Bring the Right Cash

Although the Czech Republic is an EU Member, they use the Czech crown, or Koruna, instead of the Euro: So don’t forget to bring the right cash with you! Also, keep an eye on the exchange rate. That way, you won’t run into any unpleasant surprises at the local currency exchange office.

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