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The ecological estate La Solane, the sunny side is situated in the eastern French Pyrenees overlooking the impressive mountain range of the Spanish border, only a mile away. The mountain … stream Le Therme runs over our 225 acres property , with waterfalls and natural swimming pools curved out in the rocks. For your holiday, secluded in stunningly beautiful wild nature, away from civilisation but with all the comfort you wish, we offer seven camping pitches, a large, equipped caravan, a cute wooden house and a large fully equipped safari-tent . Since the summer of 2011, the first tree house is ready to be enjoyed. The Mediterranean Sea is an hour and a half away from la Solane. At our Cantina you are welcome to come and have a drink, at night you can join in for supper. YOUR STAY ¨Look, a tree is growing in the middle of the house!¨ In the kitchen of the tree house, in the bathroom and in the attic you can see the large trunk of the 250-year-old chestnut tree. The branches go through the roof and on the terrace you can't miss them. Sleeping 7 meters above the ground is a special experience, waking up under the rustling foliage and breakfast in the sun on the terrace of a treehouse is not a every day experience. Since the summer of 2011, the first tree house is ready to be enjoyed. Suitable for a family of up to 6, with on the ‘ground floor’ a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom (shower and toilet) and a double bedroom. Above, around the tree, there is sleeping space for up to four children. Sliding doors lead to the terrace facing south with magnificent views where you can sit. Occasionally a squirrel walks by and in the evening you can hear the owl or the scramble of nightlife far below you. The wooden cottage is a cozy retreat for a family of four. It has a glass conservatory facing south and a terrace outside. Below you will find the kitchen, with adjoining conservatory and bathroom with shower and toilet. Upstairs is a separate bedroom with a double bed and a children's sleeping area with bunk beds. The cottage is located about 75 meters from the main building, at the same height. On a lower large terrace you will find a caravan for four sheltered under a canopy. Inside there is a double bed and a large round seat that is convertible to another two beds. Outside, against the caravan and under the roof, is a fully equipped kitchenette complete with your own picnic table. The field in front of the caravan is large enough, for example, to fit an extra tent if the kids would rather sleep outside. The caravan is equipped with electricity, sanitation can be found in the main building. It's also possible to stay at la Solane with your own tent in one of our eight camping spots. For maximum privacy and rest, these spots are located a good distance from each other and within walking distance of the main building. In the main building you will find the bathrooms, two showers and two toilets and you can do the washing up with a lovely enjoying view. Electrical equipment can be charged at the main building. At the camping spots there is no power available. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose a spot in the shade under the trees or in the sun, close to the amenities or just beyond. At your camping spot there is a large picnic table, hand made with wood from our own chestnut trees. MAS DE LA SOLANE WHAT TO DO Walking and hiking possibilties are endless around la Solane. The large number of tracks and trails offer all sorts of walks to explore the beautiful nature and to enjoy the breathtaking views. If there is enough interest, we organise a longer walk over the Spanish border to the neighbouring villages, Maçanet de Cabrenys or Tapis, where we all have a drink and eat in one of the local restaurants. We also organise transport to get home again afterwards. To cool down in summer you can go down to the river that runs over the property and swim in one of the natural pools or one can lay on the grass in the shade of the old apple tree orchard next to the river. Small children can play safely in the sandy shallow parts of the water. In the forest the children are free to play around, to build huts and follow the trails of wild animals or to hunt for our donkeys. Several farms in the area offer horse and pony tracking trips, for both beginners and experienced riders. The area around la Solane, has a large variation of things to do. Just over an hour drive you find yourself at the Mediterranean beach, walking through picturesque fishing villages like Collioure, or laying down at a perfect hot sandy beach. Céret, with its modern art museum and the large and colourful market on Saturday, Prats de Mollo and Perpignan, full of history. Most villages around here have swimming pools and at the Lake of Darnius you can rent canoes and swim. Going just a bit to the south, over the Spanish border the atmosphere and culture changes immediately . Figueras, with the Dali Museum, the cathedral and old town of Girona and off course the Spanish coast, all places worth to visit. Even Barcelona you can reach from la Solane, but be prepared for the shock, within 2,5 hours you are from wilderness in a real metropolis.
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