Leros Camping and Diving Club

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Camping and diving Leros is a club to socialize, have an amazing holiday experience and explore the unique taste of such a great island, while still helping to save the … environment by being a green tourist. It made possible by the great efforts from a Local entrepreneur (Panos Sideris) who is also a licensed diving coach. He spent most of his life working on saving this place at the time when almost all the others businesses lost hopes as a result of financial crisis and the credit crunch which hit million of small and medium Greek businesses. What helped saving the place also the great attitude of the owner by helping others and adopting social and environmentally friendly approach. Our vision at this small enterprise is to encourage recycling and environment awareness culture in our place, aiming to minimise all the negative impact on our local environment and community. We have already invested in installing a set of solar panels to have hot water for campers showers and we are aiming to become the first fully green business in the island by 2022. Camping and Diving Leros is set in the south of the island, situated only few hundreds metres from a quiet, small beach amazing for swimming, snorkelling and diving, this small beach is also surrounded by tavernas and few small shops. When you decide to visit this place, you will actually be part of our great Leros community. Almost all our guests became either close friends or part of the family, we are still in touch after so many years and they always come back again and again. The beauty of the place, combined with its naturalness and spontaneous feel, lack of pretension, fresh air, authentic food from the land and sea, will undoubtedly restore you with new strength. We are aiming to provide a full holiday unique experience, by offering a variety of products and services, starting from port or airport pick-up, accommodation, Home-made food including organic meals throughout the day, beside our favourite stay-active venture; hiking snorkelling and diving activities. Please check our page shop to find out more, or simply design your package and ask for a quote. Let us save mother nature together...
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Leros Camping and Diving Club