Winter Camping - A Holiday in the Cold

Winter camping, Tyrol, Snowy campsite in front of mountain panorama
Caravan Park Sexten, South Tyrol

Camping is way too nice for "only in summer", isn't it? Waking up in the morning with a view of a snow-covered campsite, drinking a hot cup of coffee in the camper, catching up on personal records on the ski slope or starting a snow hike through the mountains: Winter camping can be so wonderful.

From valuable tips on trip preparation and the best accessories to the most beautiful and popular places: You'll find everything you need to know about winter camping here.

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Winter Camping in Germany

Germany has a lot to offer - also when it comes to winter camping at its campsites. Beach walks in the onion look at the Baltic Sea or North Sea coast, skiing in the Bavarian Alps or in the Allgäu or even beautiful, cozy winter days in nature when camping at an icy lake: The diverse German landscapes make winter camping a varied experience.

The facilities of the campsites are also adapted to icy temperatures. Here, the whole family can have fun in the indoor pool or you can spend a relaxing day with your partner in the campsite's sauna.

Discover over 850 campsites in Germany that offer winter camping

Top 5 Winter Camping Sites in Germany

Winter Camping in Austria

When there is a thick blanket of snow on the peaks of the Austrian Alps and the whole area turns into a gorgeous winter wonderland, it is the best time to travel to Austria for camping.

Here, from the campsites, you can indulge in numerous fun winter sports such as snowshoeing, ice skating and skiing, while enjoying the vast views from the mountain peaks. Apart from that, the campsites are also perfect for wellness camping in winter: The campsite's own thermal baths and saunas invite you to a relaxing time out while camping.

Discover 140 campsites in Austria that offer winter camping

Top 5 Winter Campsites in Austria

Winter camping in Switzerland

Camping at freezing temperatures with a great alpine panorama? That's winter camping in Switzerland. Many campsites spoil their visitors in winter with very good connections to ski slopes, cross-country skiing trails and the longest sledding run in Europe, so camping with kids in winter becomes a great snow experience!

Wellness- and 5-star camping also don't get neglected here in winter, as many very well rated campsites have indoor pools, thermal baths and saunas that invite campers to relax. After all, who wouldn't want to warm up in the sauna in frosty temperatures while enjoying a wonderful view of the surrounding nature?

Discover over 110 campsites in Switzerland that offer winter camping

Top 5 Winter Campsites in Switzerland

Winter Camping in Italy

Escape from the cold winter? That's possible with winter camping in Italy. While it's freezing cold in Germany, an average of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius awaits you in Italy during the winter months. Many campsites are perfect for wellness camping, because they are only a stone's throw from the sea and have a pool or a thermal bath on the premises, so bathing is fun even in the colder months.

But white winter dreams also come true in Italy. In the north, the mountains of South Tyrol invite you to snowy winter fun. Many campsites provide the perfect base for romantic snow hikes or exciting toboggan rides and ski slopes. After an eventful day, campers can relax their tired muscles in the campsite's own sauna. Whether swimming in the sea or white expanses in the mountains, winter camping in Italy could hardly be more diverse.

Discover now over 220 campsites in Italy that offer winter camping.

Top 5 Winter Camping Sites in Italy

Winter Camping in France

Get inspired by the versatile Winter Camping in France. While in the south the mild Mediterranean climate provides pleasant temperatures, the north attracts with continental climate and plenty of snow in the Vosges and Ardennes, the west promises high precipitation and mild temperatures. Here, every camper will find the right campsite for winter camping!

Skiing in the Alps or rather horseback riding at the Côte d'Azur? At winter camping in France all preferences are served. Whether wellness camping and glamping or nature camping - whether camping by the sea or in the mountains. The possibilities for winter camping in France are almost endless.

Discover now over 380 campsites in France that offer winter camping.

Top 3 Winter Camping Sites in France

Camping Ötztal Längenfeld, Tyrol, winter camping
Camping Ötztal Langenfeld, Tyrol

Preparation and Planning

Are Half the Battle

Putting on winter tires, packing antifreeze, bringing snow chains and more: things you might not think about when camping in July or August are absolutely necessary when camping during the winter months.

Here are the top tips for planning your next winter camping vacation.

Winter Camping Preparation Tips
Caravan Park Sexten, South Tyrol, winter camping
Caravan Park Sexten, South Tyrol

Tips and Information

about Winter Camping Equipment

What do you need to take with you to protect your camper from the cold and to make yourself really comfortable after a snowy hike? Which gas - and how much of it - should campers take with them when winter camping?

The answers and other tips on the necessary equipment for winter camping can be found in the article.

Tips for Winter Camping Equipment
Camping Resort Zugspitze, Bavaria, winter camping
Camping Resort Zugspitze, Bavaria

Eyes Open

when Choosing a Campsite

Even in winter, campers are spoiled for choice. Wellness, swimming pool, ski courses and guided snow hikes are just a few examples of what campsites in Europe offer in winter.

We give you tips and inspiration on what you should look for when choosing a campsite in winter, so that you find the perfect place and enjoy an entirely great winter in your caravan or motorhome.

Finding Winter Camping Sites: This is How it Works
Camping Holmernhof, Bad Füssing, winter camping
Camping Holmernhof, Bad Füssing


the Caravan

At the latest with the first sub-zero temperatures, you should winterize your camper vehicle so that it survives the cold winter months undamaged. An extensive task, with a lot of things to consider - we have created a to-do list for campers, so you do not forget anything.

You will find helpful tips for the winterization of your camping vehicle here.

Winterizing Your Caravan - the Checklist

Winterizing Your Caravan: This is How it Works!

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