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Camping- und Ferienpark Wulfener Hals, Fehmarn, Camping with Kids
Camping- und Ferienpark Wulfener Hals, Fehmarn

Children's laughter, romping on the campsite, developing joy in nature, strengthening the family bond - all this makes camping with children. Whether with a camper on the beach, with a tent in the mountains or with a caravan at the lake: camping with the whole family is always a special experience!

We present you the best campsites for camping with children and show you what you should pay special attention to when camping with children.

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Vital CAMP Bayerbach, Bavaria, Camping with Kids
Vital CAMP Bayerbach, Bavaria

Especially Well Rated by Campers -

Camping with Kids

According to the motto "campers are the best inspectors", we present you the places that are considered as particularly suitable for camping with kids by other guests.

Tip: You can find more family-friendly campsites all over Europe with just a few clicks in our campsite search. Whether especially suitable for teenagers, children or toddlers, whether with playground, water slide or tennis court: Numerous filters help you to find the perfect campsite for your vacation with children.

Campsites Rated "Very Good".

Selected, especially Child-Friendly Campsites

Camping Marina Di Venezia, Veneto, Italy, Camping with kids
Camping Marina Di Venezia, Veneto, Italy

Camping with Kids in Germany

Happy children's faces and relaxed parents - whether in the Bavarian Alps, in the Black Forest or at the Baltic Sea, the child-friendly campsites in Germany ensure absolute relaxation and unforgettable vacations for the kids. While you are sunbathing in the deck chair, your children will enjoy the petting zoo, the playground or the children's entertainment. Exciting cities and events are waiting to be explored by you and your family.

Discover now over 1000 campsites in Germany for camping with kids:

Child-Friendly Campsites in Germany

Camping with Kids in the Netherlands

If you ask us, a family vacation is only perfect when not only the little guests experience exciting vacations, but also you can take some time out. Whether in North Holland, on the beach of The Hague or in beautiful Zeeland: At many campsites in the Netherlands, children's hearts beat faster thanks to large pool landscapes and versatile animation programs, but with ideal recreation and relaxation opportunities, you'll also get your money's worth when camping in the Netherlands. The kids romp in the pool during the day, build sand castles on the North Sea beach and fall tired into the caravan bed in the evening.

Discover now over 460 campsites in the Netherlands for camping with children on

Child-Friendly Campsites in the Netherlands

Camping with Kids in Austria

Pack your backpack, put on your hiking boots and let's go! In Austria you will find a variety of family and child friendly campsites. In addition, the Central European country is also ideally suited for outdoor activities. Thanks to the large network of biking and hiking trails, nothing stands in the way of a bike tour or hike as a family. And even if you are more interested in winter activities, Austria is the right place for you: at winter camping, young and old alike can let off steam together while skiing, snowshoeing or having snowball fights.

To balance things out, you'll also find swimming pools and thermal baths at many of Austria's campsites, which provide instant relaxation with their views of the Alps and mountain lakes.

Discover now over 200 Austrian campsites where you can camp with the whole family.

Child-Friendly Campsites in Austria

Camping with Kids in Italy

Splashing around in the huge pool facilities and licking an ice cream in between. At Lake Garda, in Venice, in Tuscany or on Sardinia: children's dreams come true at the child-friendly campsites in Italy.

While the kids go down the water slides or explore the children's entertainment, you can relax in the thermal baths and forget the stress with a wellness treatment. Afterwards, you and your family can end the day with a game of table tennis.

Find the right campsite for you and your children from over 570 campsites in Italy:

Child-Friendly Campsites in Italy

Camping with Kids in France

Rough Atlantic coast or rather sunny Mediterranean beaches? Whether in the mountains, in the fascinating cities or in the middle of nature - the French child-friendly campsites are diverse in their location and their offer and guarantee beautiful days for small and big campers. Depending on their preferences, families can romp around in the campsite's own pool area or go climbing, hiking, kayaking and much more outside the campsite.

While the little ones become water rats in the slide paradise or make new friends at the children's entertainment, parents can enjoy a cocktail by the pool. With songs at the campfire the day finds a successful end.

Plan now your next dream vacation on one of the about 1500 campsites in France which are suitable for camping with children:

Child-Friendly Campsites in France

Camping with Kids in Croatia

Camping on the Mediterranean can be so nice - especially when the parents can relax and the kids are happily occupied. If you want to lie on the beach and read your book in peace, the many campsites in Croatia have just the thing for you: tennis courts, mini golf courses and children's entertainment are waiting to be discovered by your children. So they will surely have their fun on camping vacation, while you can pick up a pinch of relaxation.

And if the whole family feels like going on an excursion together, many highlights in Croatia, for example the city of Dubrovnik or the varied cultural offer of the peninsula Porec, are very easy to reach from the country's campsites.

At you can find a list of family-friendly campsites in Croatia.

Child-Friendly Campsites in Croatia

Camping with Kids in Spain

Sun, beach, Mediterranean flair - perfect for a camping vacation with the whole family. Not only the major Spanish cities Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia are wonderfully suitable as varied excursion destinations when camping with children.

The campsites themselves also have a wide range of leisure activities for the little ones: whether romping around in the playground, swimming in the campsite's own pool or dancing, singing and doing handicrafts at the children's entertainment - every family will find exactly what they are looking for. Apart from these entertainment offers, there are also many campsites in Spain that are very suitable for a camping vacation with young and old due to their proximity to the beach. So you can take a break in the sun while your children have fun in the cool water.

At you can find more than 250 family and child friendly campsites in Spain.

Child-Friendly Campsites in Spain

Child-Friendly Campsites in Denmark

Game Fun while Camping

Boredom was Yesterday

Popular Outdoor Games for Kids

Sitting still and reading is impossible for your kids on camping vacation? Then pack an exciting outdoor game for your next trip! This way, little campers can have fun outside in nature.

You can find the most popular outdoor games - whether classics or the latest game trends - in our magazine article.

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Good to know

The "Blue Flag"

Environmental protection, safety and water quality are among the criteria of the established "Blue Flag" seal of approval. Especially when camping with children or with the four-legged friend by the water, the cleanliness of the beaches, rivers or lakes is particularly important.

Here's more information about the "Blue Flag". Find out which European country is the front-runner of audited beaches.

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What You Should Pack

Sun hats, diapers and buggies - if you're going on vacation with children, there are a lot of things you need to consider and be prepared for all eventualities.

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