Camp Atliman


  • Darbo valandos: 01.06 - 30.09 - šiuo metu veikiantis
  • Adresas: Primorsko shose, 8183 Kiten, Bulgarija - Rodyti žemėlapyje


The camp “Atliman” is located in Kiten and just 30 m. from the beach. Surrounded by forests and sand dunes Bay “Atliman” is known as the most peaceful beach with waves safe and gradual depth. Each year, at the height … of the summer season, it is the focus for many Bulgarian and international holidaymakers fascinated by the charming bay and mild climate. The legend of Urdoviza and Atliman When the Sultan asked her to marry him, in the eyes of the beauty, which were usually teary, there was a spark of hope. She told the Sultan she was going to marry him, but before that she wanted him to grant her one wish – to exempt from all taxes as much land in her country as a “flying” horse can cover from sunrise to sunset. The Sultan ruled vast territories in Europe and Asia, so to grant this wish was not difficult for him, he immediately agreed to do it. One early morning Stana Urdovizka set off with a “flying” horse from the peninsula, heading southwest in the direction of the mountain and rode down the other side of the river. Then she turned west against the tide and the opposite mountains. All day long she rode around the forested Strandzha mountains, valleys and ridges. The horse was constantly covered in white lather. At dusk, after covering most of the villages in Strandzha and some others in the west of Urdoviza they headed in the direction of the Black Seacoastline. However, when they reached the Bay north of Urdoviza, the horse fell from exhaustion and took his last breath. The beautiful girl from Urdoviza also died from exhaustion. The Sultan kept his word. In honor of the heroes in this story, the inhabitants of Urdoviza called the beautiful North Bay – Atliman – the bay of the good horse (or Horse Bay).
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  • Svetainės dydis: 1 400 ha (Žemės sąlygos: Žolė)
  • Kemperių aikštelės priešais vartus: Yra
Orientacinė kaina
Sezono metas 20,00 €*
Ne sezono metas 20,00 €*
*Du suaugusieji, namelis-autopriekaba, automobilis, elektra ir vietiniai mokesčiai už naktį
Darbo valandos
01. birželis - 30. rugsėjis


8183 Kiten, Bulgaria GPS: 42.2392; 27.7657 Mob.: +359 899 195 566
  • Jūra: Stovyklavietėje
  • Kitas miestas: 1 km
  • Kitas miestelis/kaimas: 1 km
  • Traukinių ar autobusų stotis: 1 km
Primorsko shose
8183 Kiten
GPS koordinatės
Lat 42.23943, Long 27.76588
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Camp Atliman
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