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On the boot heel of Italy, between Lecce and Otranto, lies Agriturismo Fontanelle. This simple family campground is part of a farm in the rural region of Puglia. You'll camp on the spacious lawn behind the farm. A 500-meter path … through the coniferous forest leads you to a secluded sandy beach on a beautiful bay. Lawn and olive trees The camping area is well kept. It extends over a long lawn lined with olive trees. The new plantings marking the pitches will also provide additional shade in the future. The campground is visibly well maintained. Thirty touring pitches lie in two long rows on either side of the lawn. Although they vary in size, none of the sites is truly huge. Azure water At the end of the lawn, you enter the forest through a gate. A winding forest path leads to a narrow sandy beach nestled in the rocky coastline of Baia dei Turchi. It's about five hundred meters to the beach, and you can make the walk in less than ten minutes. The water here is brilliant azure and crystal clear. The small sandy beach is well protected between the high rocks. Fresh from the land The owners of Agriturismo Fontanelle are happy to share with you the produce they grow themselves. Every day you can get fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the camp store you will find everything you need to prepare delicious regional dishes: Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers and onions, but also olive oil and pasta. Also available are eggs, herbs and various kinds of fruit, all fresh from the land.
  • Az oldal mérete: 1,5 ha
  • A pályák teljes száma: 30
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Főszezon 30,00 EUR*
Elő- és utószezon 20,00 EUR*
*Két felnőtt, lakókocsi, autó, elektromos áram és helyi adók / éjszaka
01. máj - 31. október


From Lecce-Otranto take exit to SP366. Follow this road until KM post 28. Follow the camping signs.
  • Tenger: 0,5 km
  • Következő város: 2 km
  • Vonat- vagy buszállomás: 0,1 km
SP 366 km 28
73028 Otranto
Lat 40.191435117643394, Long 18.454045089721667
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Camping Agriturismo Fontanelle
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