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Corona-Update Camp Razvrsje
With us, everything is open. The staff wears masks and respects all measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health. … Zabljak is a small town in the north and there are not many people infected with the Corona virus in Zabljak
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Our complex is the only one in Zabljak offering a complete all-in-one service, from camping, apartments, restaurants, rafting (10 of the most modern boats), canyoning, zip line (longest in the … Balkans), jeep safari (10 vehicles available), rent-a-bike (50 bikes and helmets for rent), bed'n'bike standard, horse riding (6 horses of our own and 6 more with an affiliated company), kaiting and paragliding, you name it. We are also the only in the northern region operating in accordance with all European standards (this year we invested more than 50.000€ in our complex). There are three more camps in Zabljak - but ours has more modern bathrooms than all the other camps together, 15 in total (plus 2 saunas and a massage parlour) and is the only one with constant hot water supply. You can imagine the difference in your clients’ satisfaction. We also have a garage that can fit 100 bikes. You can be accommodated in the camp, apartments, with or without breakfast or half board, you can combine to your liking, as most do. We have all types of apartments, bungalows and rooms (2, 3, 4 & 5 bed rooms), and the apartments offer large and small beds (and also secure children's beds, free of charge) - a total of 100 beds. The houses are all near each other. The apartments are 10€ per person. Camping is 2.5 - 3€ per person. WiFi is also free. A big advantage of our camp is that the places are in the forest shade. We are located in the hearth of Durmitor National park, 1,5 km from downtown Zabljak, and there's a 2km marked route to Black lake (on the lake there are bars and an Adventure park). Many more routes go from the camp to the mountain, and all of them are marked, and by going via these our marked routes you can avoid paying the 3€ National park entry fee. One of the marked routes leads to a glacier (1,5 hours of hike), where you can ski in summer! We also rent all kinds of ski equipment, for old and young. There are also an athletic course and a playground for children in the camp, and a football playground. For years now we cooperate with scout groups from France, Belgium and Germany. Our winter offer includes a ski school and equipment rental (skies, snow boards and snowmobiles with full equipment). We also have our own minibuses, and you can arrange transport to and from any destination (waiting at airports included). For all your groups the transportation is organized by my cousins, Dejan and Nenad Vojinovic, good guys that will keep you satisfied. The restaurant offers all sorts of domestic (organic) foods and beverages at affordable prices, and next year we'll open a market on the camp grounds. These are some of our prices: coffee - 0.50€ etc. You get the picture, we aren't expensive at all. Each guest is welcomed with a glass of domestic brandy at arrival :) We also arrange dinners at bonfire (the wood is free) , with guitars and accordion :) WE OFFER EVERYTHING THAT OTHERS DON'T! IT'S ALSO GOOD TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO WATER RESTRICTIONS IN OUR CAMP, UNLIKE IN THE OTHERS! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO BOOK IN ADVANCE! FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE ABOUT ANYTHING! AND TO RECOMMEND US TO YOUR FRIENDS! :) Milovan Mišo Vojinović
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Camp Razvrsje

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