Oddestemmen Steinsliperi og Camping

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Oddestemmen Steinsliperi and Camping is situated in the south of Norway, 60 km to the north of Kristiansand, just outside of the town of Evje og Hornnes. You can find … the camping 3 km north from Evje, 1 km distance from the church if you take the road to Gautestad and "gruveområde". It takes 1 hour to get from Kristiansand to Evje by car, and 80 minutes if you travel with a caravan. Camping coordinates; 58.60045,7.844026 A quiet, small camping place available for up to 20 units. А comfortable place for Mobilehomes, tents and caravans with all necessary facilities.Free shower and places for washing up with hot and cold water. Power connections, a cosy barbeque and fire place. 6 cabins with 2 to 5 beds (2 bedrooms). The camping has a good standard. There is no playground for children, it is a quiet place in the middle of the wood with nice walking possibilities. Open all year round. Stonecutting workshop to visit for camping guests. Shop with minerals, souvenirs and jewelry. Mineral collecting places are in the surroundings of the town. The Mineralsti is in 10 min. distance. The surrounding of Evje and Iveland is known for the collecting of minerals. Several mines which are open for stone interested people, charge you a collecting fee, for example the Mineralsti. You can find several mineral museums: Fennefoss Geo Museum, the Setesdal Mineralpark and the community mineral collection in Iveland. WILDLIFE. About 5 km farther on this road you will find a surrounding where you can see Elg (Moose) in the evening. Some farther on this road there are nice lakes to have a swim. The wood around the place is full of blueberries and other wild berries. PRICES 2018: Caravan and car, 2 persons Nok.200,00 Tent and car, 2 persons Nok. 200,00 Mobilhome, 2 persons Nok. 200,00 Extra person Nok. 20,00. Electricity 10A.included. 6 Cabins, with 2 to 5 beds, prices from 300,00 to 750,00 ANIMALS: 1 quiet dog is welcome. Please visit the internet site www.oddestemmen-camp.no and www.oddestemmen.com
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Oddestemmen Steinsliperi og Camping