Auto Camp Green park

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Green Park autocamp is located in Žitomislić, about 20km south of Mostar, on the M17 highway. It is situated in the blissful natural surroundings on the bank of river Neretva, … which was named by the ancient Celts (Flowing Goddess – Nera Etva). The camp also includes a fishpond, and the lovely host provides guests with the tasting of traditional fish and meat specialties in a licensed household. The younger visitors will enjoy the children’s playground which includes slides, see-saws, swings, a trampoline, and sandboxes. The sandy beach in the camp is 270m long. To ensure a perfect shade and chill during hot days, there are huge poplar, plane, and other trees rising above the beach which is also providing a chill by a mere view of our green queen - river Neretva. Our guests can also use comfy beach chairs as well as outdoor showers on the beach. With the purpose of preserving the natural ambience and keeping the high sanitary conditions, the camp includes closed showers for ladies and gents, a WC, and offers the possibility of machine laundry and waste disposal, for both guests and vehicles. Based on the spaciousness and comfort within the camp, we would like to point out that we are open for cooperation and organization of sporting events, school trips, Boy Scout camping events, and other kinds of events. We are trying hard to satisfy the emerging need of people to enjoy the authentic beauties of nature, without giving up the comfort and other advantages of hotel accommodation. Those who have already experienced this have grew to love us, and enjoy coming back to us. If you wish to make a perfect choice, and provide yourself with a heavenly vacation in our autocamp Green Park, dear guests – WELCOME! Wild horses of Livanjsko polje - one of the most beautiful tourist attraction that should be under government protecton
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Auto Camp Green park

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