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With over 23,000 campsites and about 90 million page impressions per year, as well as a high social media reach and the printed camping guides, camping.info is probably the largest information and booking portal in the German-speaking world.

The high acceptance in the target group and the cross-media play with relevant topics offer you an optimal opportunity for the placement of your advertising.

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We deliver your brand

to the target group

On average around 8 million times a month people search our site for information about camping. Whether classic brand advertising or a quick promotion: camping.info is the best and most efficient way if you want the attention of campers.

Whether you're an old hand or a first-time camper, when looking for tips, information and campsites for your next vacation, most people check out our site.

Display advertising on camping.info

Billboard Ad


The best way to get into the focus of campers

Your "Billboard Ad" is positioned directly below the navigation of the website or at the very top on mobile and uses the entire width of the portal for optimal advertising impact. It is extremely eye-catching integrated into the structure of the page and offers full presence.

Here your advertising message is always well placed on the campsite that the camper has chosen (campsite detail page).

Skyscraper Ad


For those who want to fly high

The portrait format and vertical placement make the "Skyscraper" one of the most eye-catching advertising spaces. The Skyscraper is placed prominently and close to the content on the right and left edge of the screen and reaches the target group in an eye-catching way.

The length of the skyscraper also allows for interesting creative.

Standard Banner Ad

Standard Banner

How to make yourself interesting

The eye-catching advertising banner always where it is most exciting. The standard banner is placed attention-grabbing in the content.

So exactly where the camper informs himself on the detail page of the campsite or in the search.

Sticky Footer Ad

Sticky Footer

This is how your advertising message sticks

The Sticky Footer is a special banner at the bottom of our website.

Unlike normal banners, it is always in the visible area of the page – even if you scroll all the way up or down. It is practically "frozen" at its position.

Display Bundle Ad

Display Bundle

We display your campaign in all formats and always in the best possible way

Whether billboard, skyscraper, standard banner, sticky footer, whether on mobile or on the computer at home – we display your advertising rotating on our site and in all forms. No matter how the camper is on camping.info – he will always meet your brand.

Use all sizes and shapes for a low BUNDLE price.

Further advertising opportunities

Our camping guide

Our camping guide

Your advertising black on white (in color)

Print advertising at camping.info
The camping.info camping guide is a product from campers for campers. Its fresh design and the structured presentation of all data make it so popular. The verified evaluations of campers make our book unique.

That's why the Camping Guide has been published in double copies since 2022.

Social Media

May we introduce you

to our friends?

Also benefit from our Facebook and Instagram channels for your product. In addition, you can feature an advertorial with a link to your homepage in our online magazine. The article and the link to your homepage will have a positive effect on your SEO ranking.

To attract even more attention, articles or the postings can optionally be combined with a raffle.

Questions? Wishes? Book directly?

Whether standard banner, skyscraper or billboard - our portfolio is large. Just like our portal reach among campers. This is the ideal prerequisite for achieving maximum impact with classic Internet advertising, regardless of whether the camper is on the move or sitting at the computer.

If you want a completely individual campaign, no problem: we'll be happy to implement it. Just give me a call or send an e-mail.