Le Marais Sauvage


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Come and enjoy a unique experience at Le Marais Sauvage campsite, where nature and a change of scenery meet in the magnificent setting of the Marais Poitevin. Soak up the essence of this exceptional natural site and discover a new …way to spend your vacations, in harmony with the environment. Take advantage of our large pitches and quality services for a relaxing stay in the heart of nature. We are delighted to welcome you to our small family campsite with 57 pitches. You can set up your tent, caravan or motorhome on one of our pitches, chosen by you, with or without electricity (10A). A fully renovated service area is available next to the toilet block. Our snack bar offers buckwheat pancakes and tasty crepes. Whether you prefer a savoury or sweet filling, our galettes and crêpes will satisfy all your gustatory expectations. We also offer a wide selection of beverages. Whether you want to refresh yourself with sparkling sodas, enjoy a glass of wine, sip a cold beer with friends, or simply relax with a hot drink, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy our friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the snack bar, where you can feast on our Breton specialities while spending a pleasant moment with family and friends. Because a breakfast without butter or coffee is the best way to get your day off to a bad start… We offer a small grocery store for your convenience! Flour, sugar, cookies, pasta, milk, soft drinks… you’ll find all the essentials. For fruit and vegetables, meat and charcuterie, our village grocery store will be delighted to welcome you. We therefore offer you free Wi-Fi at reception, in the snack bar/bar and in theplayground. The Wifi code will be sent to you free of charge on arrival and will be valid 24 hours a day, until the day of your departure. Our laundry and nursery area has been entirely designed and created with your comfort in mind. We offer you new, high-quality, environmentally-friendly equipment. A 7kg washing machine and 8kg tumble dryer are available. For the little ones, a nursery area with changing table and baby bathtub is available in an enclosed room. We are pleased to offer you a bread and pastry drop-off service, in partnership with our village bakery. The Marais Sauvage campsite in Vendée is committed to an eco-responsible approach, limiting its ecological footprint as far as possible.
  • Κατηγορία κάμπινγκ:
  • Το μέγεθος του ιστότοπου: 1 ha (Συνθήκες εδάφους: Γρασίδι)
  • Συνολικός αριθμός γηπέδων: 47
  • Αριθμός τουριστικών γηπέδων: 47
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Τιμή αναφοράς

Περίοδος αιχμής 25,00 €*
Περίοδος χαμηλής ζήτησης 20,00 €*
*Δύο ενήλικες, τροχόσπιτο, αυτοκίνητο, ηλεκτρική ενέργεια και τοπικοί φόροι ανά βραδιά

Ωρες λειτουργίας

01. April - 06. November


  • Ποτάμι: Επιτόπου
  • Έξοδος αυτοκινητοδρόμου: 10 km


Rte de la Sèvre 
85420 Le Mazeau
Συντεταγμένες GPS
Lat 46.33040926030869, Long -0.674917609786994
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Le Marais Sauvage

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