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In the Spanish Pyrenees, at the entrance to the large Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, lies the Voraparc campsite. This quiet mountain campsite at an altitude of 1,400 m is a painting. The site is located by … a river at the end of a valley in the middle of a hiker's paradise. The view of the surrounding mountains is impressive. The campsite is beautifully maintained, with lots of grass and deciduous trees. The campsite is laid out on several terraces. Shady pitches The campsite is green, beautifully landscaped and well maintained. The shaded pitches are laid out on flat grassy fields. They vary quite a bit in size (70-150 m²), so choose a pitch big enough for your caravan or motorhome. Deciduous trees provide shade and privacy. Most sites offer sufficient shade, but you can also opt for a sunnier site. Swimming pool in nature Camping Voraparc has a small swimming pool in the shape of a figure eight with a children's pool. The outdoor pool is set in the middle of a sunny lawn. The deciduous trees around it provide some shade. In high season, you can have a wonderful swim here and recover from an active day in the mountains. The panoramic view of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking. And the sound of the roaring river completes the nature experience. Active holiday Most campers are sports and outdoor enthusiasts. They come to the campsite to hike, kayak or raft in the surrounding area. The river that runs alongside the campsite is perfect for adventurous water sports. In addition to white water rafting, you can also go horseback riding, bungee jumping and quad biking. The campsite offers an excursion programme and guided walks in high season.
  • Κατηγορία κάμπινγκ:
  • Το μέγεθος του ιστότοπου: 3,3 ha
  • Συνολικός αριθμός γηπέδων: 129
  • Αριθμός τουριστικών γηπέδων: 129 (Εκ των οποίων δέματα: 129)
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Τιμή αναφοράς
Περίοδος αιχμής 39,00 €*
Περίοδος χαμηλής ζήτησης 33,00 €*
*Δύο ενήλικες, τροχόσπιτο, αυτοκίνητο, ηλεκτρική ενέργεια και τοπικοί φόροι ανά βραδιά
Ωρες λειτουργίας
28. Απρίλιος - 16. Οκτώβριος


On the C13 Pobla de Segur-Esterri D'Ànneu, 26 km north of Sort at the petrol station 9 km uphill, gradient 10%, to Espot. Then approx. 1.8 km uphill.
  • Ποτάμι: Επιτόπου
  • Στα βουνά: Ναί
  • Ύψος (πάνω από την επιφάνεια της θάλασσας): 1400 m
  • Επόμενη πόλη: 30 km
  • Επόμενη πόλη/χωριό: 1 km
  • Σταθμός τρένου ή λεωφορείων: 7 km
Carretera De Sant Maurici km 1
25597 Espot
Συντεταγμένες GPS
Lat 42.5834, Long 1.07517
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Camping Voraparc
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