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Exclusive camping experience in a secluded fold of beautiful ukrainian countryside. Golosna campsite provides visitors with place to come and relax, recharge batteries and rejoice in the peace and quiet. The site was carefully chosen to be away from traffic … and streetlights but close to the wildlife, wonderful walks, distictive views, and a cascade of the fishing lakes. There is a space for 20 generous in size pitches with option of light shading and elements of privacy. Site is within walking distance from the local amenities ( shops, market, pharmacy, bars, cafes and disco). Budget flights ( from £50 per person with Wizz Air); easy transfers to the capital- and 2 hrs drive ( minbus & taxi) to the site. Possibility to purchase local produce, fire logs as well as hire camping equipment from the site owner. Admission: £6.00 per night per adult £4.00 per night per child £2.00 per night per dog Please contact for more details.
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Medvin village Hreshatik 5
xxxx Boguslav
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Lat 49.5483798114264, Long 30.886344909668
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Camping Golosna
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