Agricamping S'Ozzastru




Live camping in a tent or Camper , wake- up surrounded by the scent of the Mediterranean bush, the singing birds, and sheep bells are some of the most beautiful experiences that humans can enjoy! You will live the holiday … in Sardinia with little price and with all the comforts of the services offered in our small Agricamping. At Agricamping S ’Ozzastru, you can find large pitches for camping in tents, Camper or caravan and spend your holidays chilling-out with all comforts! Choosing to travel with a camper in Sardinia allows you to live a unique experience through unforgettable itineraries and landscapes. If you are planning a short stop, we recommend that you stop for a few more days, to explore the extraordinary naturalistic beauties that surround us. Our small Agricamping is an excellent basecamp for excursions on foot, by kayak, or mountain bike, and also to enjoy the Cruise in the Gulf of Orosei. Each Camper pitch includes in the costs the electricity, the use of toilets, hot showers, a specific space to clean dishes and to wash linens, parking space for cars/motorcycles, the swimming pool and solarium during the opening periods. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy every day ( or when you prefer ) a rich Extra Continental Buffet breakfast ( with our homemade products), a tasty aperitif in the garden area, and much more.
  • Το μέγεθος του ιστότοπου: 30 ha
  • Συνολικός αριθμός γηπέδων: 50
  • Γήπεδα ενδιάμεσης στάσης μπροστά από τις πύλες και για τροχόσπιτα: Διαθέσιμος
Πρότεινε αλλαγή
Ωρες λειτουργίας
01. Μάιος - 31. Οκτώβριος


  • Θάλασσα: Επιτόπου
  • Ύψος (πάνω από την επιφάνεια της θάλασσας): 265 m
  • Επόμενη πόλη: 5 km
  • Σταθμός τρένου ή λεωφορείων: 5 km
  • Έξοδος αυτοκινητοδρόμου: 14 km
S.S. 125 - KM. 211,700
08022 Dorgali
Συντεταγμένες GPS
Lat 40.33864429081398, Long 9.607586508572096
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Agricamping S'Ozzastru
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