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Dear Guests, Camping Motel Makó*** has been operating as a family enterprise since 1982. The 10 ha area, situated right on the bank of the River Maros, and surrounding an orchard, offers our guests the beauty and calmness of a …natural environment. Carefree relaxation and recreation, as well as active rest are made possible by the facilities of the place. The different types of accommodation cater for various demands. When building the bungalows, motel rooms and creating the campsite, we did our best to apply environmentally friendly solutions that also agree with the landscape. The trees in the wood that offer a shaded refuge in the summer, and the grassy and well-tended surroundings are suitable to put up your tent there, as well as to prepare your food at the sites nearby, specially built for cooking in the traditional Hungarian cauldrons or barbecuing your dinner. A closed parking lot is available for buses, vans and motorcycle caravans. Children and youths on school outings and families equally have the opportunity to enjoy themselves at our site. Besides the children-friendly playground, the swimming pool and the sports ground, horse riding, hiking, bike tours, angling and hunting can be organised on demand. By paddling in a rented kayak or canoe along the swift flowing River Maros, you can spot the tiny romantic islands and the picturesque coastline. We have our own boat port. Our St. Stephen Chapel, which was consecrated last year, is unique in the area: apart from the spiritual refill, it serves as a lovely location for weddings, Christening ceremonies and anniversaries. For us, Guests are the most important. Our fundamental principles and motto are politeness and reliable quality services. Our bungalows and motel rooms with 3 beds each are well equipped, comfortable and clean. You will have access to a kitchen, WIFI Internet and satellite television broadcast. The reception desk, which is in our house, operates with non-stop opening hours, so arriving at the site at night is no problem. Next to the campsite, you will find a restaurant, where you can taste the traditional Hungarian dishes. The centre of the town of Makó is not far, and is worth a walk, just to visit the thermal and medicinal bath, the café houses and the shops there. People taking an excursion in the region will not be disappointed, as the villages of Óföldeák, Kiszombor and Ópusztaszer, as well as the town of Hódmezővásárhely and the city of Szeged have numerous famous sights to see for those wishing to travel around in a relatively small circle of distance. We are happy about the increasing number of visitors who select our site year by year, a lot of them returning to us as friends. We hope we will soon have the opportunity to greet you among our guests. Yours sincerely, István Tóth and Family For Camping Motel Makó***
  • Kategorie kempu:
  • Velikost webu: 10,5 ha (Pozemní podmínky: Tráva)
  • Celkový počet hřišť: 200
  • Počet turistických míst: 200
  • Hřiště obytných aut před branami: Dostupný
  • Mezipřistání před branami i pro karavany: Dostupný
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Referenční cena

Hlavní sezóna 19,00 €*
Mimo sezónu 19,00 €*
*Dva dospělí, karavan, auto, elektřina a místní daně za noc

Provozní doba

01. April - 01. October




CAMPING MOTEL MAKÓ *** The campsite is situated on the Makó side of the Maros Bridge, Motorway 43 (E-68), right on the river bank. At the exit to the restaurant (Autós Csárda) turn left three times if you are approaching …form Szeged. Address: 6900 MAKÓ, MAROSPART, BÁLÓ-LIGET GPS: 46o 12’ 11,30” N 20o 27’ 21,49” E information: +36-62/211-914 +36-62/211-872 fax: +36-62/211-914 contact person: Mr ISTVÁN TÓTH mobile: 06-30/499-9898 web: E-mail:
  • V horách: Ne
  • Další město: 1 km
  • Další město/vesnice: 1 km
  • Vlaková či autobusová stanice: Na místě
  • Výjezd z dálnice: 3 km


Kemping út 2
6900 Makó
GPS souřadnice
Lat 46.20407, Long 20.46066
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Camping&Bungalows Makó

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