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Jsme znovu otevřeni od 1. duben 2021 :
Die Huttopia-Gruppe arbeitete mit Hygienikern, Ärzten und Qualitätsexperten der SOCOTEC-Gruppe an neuen Protokollen betreffend einer Zertifizierung, die ein Höchstmaß an … Hygiene und gesundheitlicher Qualität gewährleistet. SOCOTEC ist dank seiner Audits und Empfehlungen ein anerkannter vertrauenswürdiger Dritter und garantiert die Einhaltung unserer eingegangen Verpflichtungen.
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CAMPING DE ROOS (27 ha.) is a spaciously designed nature campsite in an area of outstanding natural beauty set against the backdrop of the gently rolling river dune landscape of … the Vecht river in the Dutch province of Overijssel. This singular landscape, which can scarcely be found in the Netherlands these days, is comprised of sand dunes overgrown with blackthorn, hawthorn and imposing old oak trees. The campsite is not only situated on the shores of the Vecht, but a river tributary also runs right through the property. This combination makes Camping De Roos unparalleled in the Netherlands. In addition to the beautiful location, the wide variety of spacious (120-150m²), naturally-situated camping pitches is remarkable. There is literally enough space for nature and for all the campers to coexist. At Camping De Roos, relaxed camping in a harmonious atmosphere is still possible. The calming ambience that reigns over the campsite is enjoyed all over the grounds and is the result of the unique combination of the lovely landscape, the balanced incorporation of the facilities, the carefully selected activities, and, last but not least, the guests of Camping De Roos. It is not everyday that man and nature can exist together so happily. It is unique experience - come and be enchanted.
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